Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Naughty Dog Have Released The Forth Behind The Scenes Look At The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog have released the forth behind the scenes look at The Last Of Us. this video is titled Them Or Us and it has members of the dev team talking and using in-game action to show the combat in the game. they talk about how the combat is more than just the player shooting, there is also Ellie who tries to help and context sensitive elements of the environment that you can use against the enemy.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Square Enix Reveal Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Boxart And Pre-Order Bonuses

Square Enix have revealed the Boxart for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. they also revealed some pre-order bonuses. no specific retailers have been announced but there are two packs. first up is the Samurai Set.

Currently, i know Amazon UK has Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and this Pre-Order Bonus. the Lightning Samurai Set consists of 3 different Samurai costumes, each with their own unique abilities and look.

the other pre-order bonus is a steel case edition of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that features Cloud Strife's Costume, Buster Sword, Cloud's Victory Pose and Final Fantasy VII Fanfare Music. you can see this pre-order bonus in action in this new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

Square Enix have also released new screenshots for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that feature Hope and the Cloud Strife DLC. these screenshots reveal a new location, The Ark. Hope seems to run this building and it seems to act somewhat like a hub where you can re-stock before heading back.


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Sony Reveal Pinball Heroes: Complete For PS Vita, Out Today In USA For $5.99 And Tomorrow Across The EU

Sony have announced the PSP Pinball series Pinball Heroes is coming to the PS Vita. Pinball Heroes Complete includes all 8 PSP tables in one new package. it comes out today on the USA PSN for $5.99 and tomorrow on the EU PSN. Pinball Heroes Complete features Facebook and Twitter Support, new leaderboard challenges and online tournaments.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Natsume Announce Mystic Chronicles Comes To PSP And PS VIta On 16th July For $14.99

Natsume have announced Kemco's PSP game, which is playable on the PS Vita, Mystic Chronicles has a USA release date. the game will be released on the PSN for $14.99 on 16th July. Mystic Chronicles is a retro 16-bit RPG that follows the story of Lux, could his world be turned upside down and have him saving the world? Mystic Chronicles features a Guardian Beast system which has you pairing a godlike beast to each character and then setting their AI.


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Microsoft Reveal The Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Gold Wireless Controller

Microsoft have revealed the Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Gold Wireless Controller. coming out this August for $54.99, this controller features the transforming D-Pad previously released with the Chrome Series Silver Controller. as well as a USA release, where the controller will be available exclusively at GameStop, Microsoft have confirmed that the controller will be released in other regions worldwide, but fail to specifically name them.

Source: Major Nelson

Kalypso Media Announce DARK Will Support 3D And Oculus Rift, Release New Trailer

Kalypso Media have announced their upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game DARK will have 3D Support. the game will support this either with a 3D TV or Anaglyph 3D (red/blue glasses). Kalyspo Media have also announced that DARK will support the Oculus Rift.

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2K Sports Announce Partnership With Euroleague Basketball Which Sees 14 Teams In NBA 2K14

2K Sports have announced a partnership between themselves and Euroleague Basketball. this multi year deal sees the top teams from the Euroleague available in NBA 2K14. this is the first time the Euroleague has appeared in a NBA 2K game and for this first time the top 14 teams are included.

The fourteen teams to be included in NBA 2K14 are:

·         Alba Berlin;
·         FC Barcelona;
·         Real Madrid;
·         CSKA Moscow;
·         EA7 Emporio Armani Milano;
·         Montepaschi Siena;
·         Fenerbahçe Ülker Istanbul;
·         Anadolu Efes Istanbul;
·         Olympiacos Piraeus;
·         Panathinaikos Athens;
·         Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv;
·         Zalgiris Kaunas;
·         Unicaja Málaga;
·         Laboral Kutxa Vitoria.

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Sucker Punch Have Released A Gameplay Video For inFamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch have released the first gameplay video for inFamous: Second Son. this video focuses on moving around, using your powers to fight and showing some unique aspects of your powers like being able to travel through air vents as a cloud.