Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tri-Ominos Is Out On The iPhone/iPod Touch For $1.99/£1.19

Pressman Toy Corporation and Red Hot Apps LLC have announced that they have released the popular game Tri-Ominos for the iPhone/iPod Touch. you can compete against the computer to try and get to 200 points first. the game costs $1.99/£1.19.

The regular game has sold over 5 Million units worldwide.

Press Release

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Sep 23, 2009 The popular three-sided domino game, Tri-Ominos, which has challenged and delighted players for four decades, is taking on 21st Century players with an iPhone version launched by Pressman Toy Corporation through a licensing agreement with Red Hot Apps LLC, developer and distributor of Tri-Ominos for iPhone.

Hugely popular worldwide, more than 5 million Tri-Ominos games have been sold in the U.S. alone. Now Tri-Ominos fans can take the fun everywhere they go with the iPhone version. To play the game, individuals select game tiles and compete against the iPhone to match the numbers on the three-sided playing pieces to become the first to accumulate a winning score of 200 points. Game play appeals to individuals of all ages.

“We’re thrilled that one of our popular classic games is coming of age with an iPhone app,” said Jim Pressman, president of Pressman Toy Corp. “Playing Tri-Ominos on the iPhone is just as much fun as playing the traditional version at home – maybe even more so because you can play it whenever you want.”

Tri-Ominos for iPhone is available on iTunes and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Tri-Ominos for iPhone sells for $1.99.

About Pressman Toy Corporation Inc.
Pressman Toy Corporation Inc., the third largest game manufacturer in the United States, was founded in 1922. The company has released many strong brands that consumers have enjoyed for generations, such as Rummikub, MASTERMIND and Tri-Ominos.
One of the first companies in the industry to begin licensing popular characters and content for toys and games, Pressman Toy has created games and puzzles based on NBC’s The Office, Seinfeld, Hello Kitty, Ben 10, Pok√©mon, and Scooby-Doo! as well as popular games shows Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Jeopardy! (including ESPN Jeopardy!) and Wheel of Fortune (including Disney Wheel of Fortune).
Further information about Pressman Toy can be found at

SkyVu Announce That Battle Bears Is Ranking Top on iTunes Since Its Launch
Here is the beginning of my post.

SkyVu have announced that their iPhone/iPod Touch game, Battle Bears, has been ranking top on iTunes since it's launch on August 31st. the game has currently sold over 800,000 units so far.
The object of the game is to kill the waves of Pink teddy bears that come towards you. you are Oliver, a robotic teddy bear, fighting for survival with your gun. if you score a head shot, coloured beams of blood shoot from the enemies necks.

Press Release

OMAHA, Neb. --(Business Wire)-- Sep 23, 2009 A brave bear facing fatal hugs from attacking pink teddy bears has earned BATTLE BEARS™ top ranking on iTunes since its launch August 31st. The new game from CORALINE animator Benjamin Vu’s upstart production company SkyVu Pictures, offers adorable animation, a tongue-in-cheek theme and intense bear-on-bear action. BATTLE BEARS went to Top Ten Apps on iTunes in its first week. It remains the #1 Action/Adventure Game and #3 All Games despite stiff competition. The game, currently at 800,000 downloads, is expected to reach one million by the end of September.

The object of the new game: kill cuddly pink teddy bears before they commit “huggacide” with deadly embraces to OLIVER, an advanced robotic teddy bear with a lot of attitude. When OLIVER annihilates the hug-crazed bears, rainbow colored blood beams from their necks or splashes across the moving touch screen. But the homicidal teddies multiply, and each of 20 levels of play leads to more advanced battles, cut scenes and surprises featuring new weapons, including the “Bearzooka” and the powerful “Unicorn Horn Crossbow.” For a sample of the game action:

“It’s Care Bears meets Black Hawk Down,” says writer/director Benjamin Vu, “Next month, we’ll release new versions with more slightly demented details on our characters and storyline.”

BATTLE BEARS™ is available for 99 cents for a limited time on the iTunes App Store. Also available is a free, shorter version of BATTLE BEARS that allows players to try out the game at no charge. For more information on BATTLE BEARS, visit or email Steven Greene or (917) 656-1837.

SkyVu Pictures is an innovative new animation company started by Benjamin Vu, a CORALINE animator and CalArts graduate. Vu is the writer and director for the upcoming film, BATTLE BEARS, the first full-length feature based on an iPhone App. With studios in the U.S., Singapore and Vietnam, SkyVu’s unique multi-national production system allows it to rapidly produce cutting-edge 3D animation for feature films and mobile games. Learn more about SkyVu Pictures

New Zero Punctuation - Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5

This weeks Zero punctuation focuses on two games, The Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. by the end of it, you kinda get the impression that he's not so enthusiastic about music games, unless they're for his favourite band.

Cryptic Have Revealed A New Federtaion Starship Class In Star Trek Online.

Cryptic have revealed a new Federation Starship Class in their upcoming MMO Star Trek Online. The Discovery Class is an evolution of the Intrepid Class of which U.S.S Voyager is the most well known vessel. the vessel is designed for "long exploration missions"1, "fleet support or solo patrol vessel"2.

Like the Intrepid class, The Discovery Class features Variable-Geometry Pylons which are designed to improve engine efficiency. a new addition are the class's Warp Foils. these are designed to improve stability during high Warp or whilst the ship is using Transwarp Conduits. these Foils are being studied as to whether they will be added to other classes in the future.

The Class is not the most powerful in the fleet, but it makes up for this by having "...sensor arrays are state-of-the-art and can identify weaknesses in enemy ships, locate and track vessels or even detect some cloaked ships."3 it also have other improvements like an improved Tractor Beam and Deflector Array.

The vessels are equipped with Holoemitters throughout the ship, and feature the Astrometrics that the original Intrepid class U.S.S Voyager created.

Discovery Class


EA Has Released The Boxart For MySims Agents On The Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii

EA Has released the Boxart for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS versions of MySims Agents. you can click on them to see a bigger picture.

Sega Has Released A New Trailer For Sonic And Sega All-Super Stars Racing On The Playstation 3 And Xbox 360

Sega has released a new trailer for their upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 racing game, Sonic And Sega All-Super Stars Racing. the trailer shows many of the courses in the game as well as many of the characters and their vehicles. the trailer shows that there will be various weapons and possibly power ups and much of the trailer is from in game action.

Sony Online Entertainment Have Released New Screenshots For The PSN Game Switchball

Sony Online Entertainment have released new screenshots for their PSN game SwitchBall. the screenshots show some of the levels in the game, what appear to be power ups, and some of the games multiplayer aspects.


Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

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Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • PS3: leak from Sega hints, motion controller is out in Japan in March, Spring in Europe. PS2 emulation + DreamCast games

  • PC: Aion servers are being hit hard whit pre-order players playing the game. there can be long delays logging in.

  • PC: NCsoft say Aion will receive at least 1 major update a year.

  • PS3: Scene It? will use the Buzz Controllers or the Dual Shock 3.

  • 360: A New 360 controller colour, red and black, has been announced as a GameStop/ EB Games Exclusive.

  • PS3: Uncharted 2 has a EU Release of 16th October.

  • DSi: PopCap have announced that Bookworm and Bejeweled are coming to DSiWare in October.

  • DSi: New DSi Colours have been officially confirmed. Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red are coming October 23rd.

  • Flight of the Conchords say they have 3 songs coming to Rock Band but don't say what they are or when they're coming.

  • QTE Blog: Microsoft Announce 1 Vs 100 Was Downloaded Nearly 3 Million Times And Summer Of Arcade Revenue Was Up 200...

  • QTE Blog: EA Mobile Announce They Will Publish Namco Bandai Mobile Games Across Europe, Russia, India, Latin Americ...

  • QTE Blog: EA Announces A Need For Speed Shift USA Twitter Competition To Win A 2010 BMW M3

  • 360: Joystiq have a robust Halo 3 ODST "mini FAQ" it does contain spoilers.

  • More from leaked Sega minutes. Possible RARE and Fable characters in Sonic Racing. Home rooms for all games + more

  • Activision have pulled copies of Wolfentsiten from German shelves after a Swastika was found in the game.

  • PSP: Vicious Engine has been offered to the PSP Mini's developers in an effort to create games quickly and cheaply.

  • 360: Bethesda have said that Bungie/Microsoft have "totally bungled" Halo 3 ODST's marketing campaign.

  • 360: Xbox live activity, Halo 3, Call Of Duty WaW/4, Gears 2, MAdden 10. Top Arcade, Trials HD, Shadow Complex.

  • 360: Bungie has released a free Halo 3 ODST Premium Theme for Xbox Live Gold Users.

  • 360: Left 4 Dead has received a title update. 10 new achievements were added and the Infected HUD was improved

  • QTE Blog: EA Has Released The Boxart For NHL 10 On The Playstation 3 And Xbox 360