Saturday, May 23, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • 360: US Beta information for 1 VS 100 was canceled at the last moment. no word when it will be revealed.

  • The Kojima countdown revealed another countdown ending on may 30th. this one hints at a E3 announcement.

  • Japanese Hardware charts. DSI 34.152, PSP 28.683, Wii 15.116, PS3 11.605, DS 4.888, PS2 4.020, 360 3.233.

  • Nintendo have revealed they are always developing new Hardware, not all make it. a price cut is always possible.

  • Wii: The US release of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom will be fixed of bugs and Glitches from it's Japanese release.

  • Guinness world records puts fuel as biggest console game ever. there is a total of 5,560 square miles playable.

  • Nintendo do not see the iPhone as a rival to the DS. sites difference in customers, different audiences.

  • Wii:Metroid Prime Trilogy announced. Wii Game + 2 Gamecube Games, will get Wii Controlls. due August 24th in USA.

  • Wii: The new Dragon Ball Game exclusive for the Wii has been revealed as a side scrolling adventure game.

  • PS3: New EU firmware Update during E3 expected to have Vidzone. Rumored to contain 3D gaming/Video Update.

  • PS3: Hidden New Feature. Game Invite In Red Alert 3 found when looking at a users profile via the Ingame XMB

  • PS3: Little BIg Planet, The Patch, levels are now Live. do a search for LBP Originals to find the levels.

  • PS3: Bionic Commando leaderboards are now working. the 360 boards were working since launch, PS3 had a glitch.

  • DSi: Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box could be coming to USA on August 24th. Not officially announced.