Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Have You Played This Week?

Unfortunately, I Didn't play many games this week. I managed to finish Okami after a shy over 40 hours of playing.

Football Manager 10 – PC – thought I would have a go with another team. I'm now Annan and making my way through the first season.

Okami – Wii – Finished...and Wow what a game. I am soo glad that I played the game. The graphics were perfect for the story. The story was engaging and just kept on going until the brilliant conclusion. There were some issues with the game however, the noise they use to replace people talking is irritating, and the camera starts to become annoying towards the end of the game. The change from the initial main story to the real main story could have been done a bit better, but it doesn't detract from the story as a whole. The music is authentic Japanese yet modern and appropriate for the game and the different areas. There is soo much to like about the game that its a shame the sequel is coming to the DS as the graphics and style would've been soo beautiful to see in HD. If you have a Wii or PS2 and want to play a RPG that looks different, has a great story, and is something different...Okami is a must.

Patchwork Heroes – PSP - Demo – This is one of those unique games that is coming to the PSN from Japan. Right from the off its clear to see that the game is unique. The demo offers a few levels to play and they show many of the games mechanics. The demo starts of slow, you've only got a couple of people to rescue and the ships to take apart is small, but only a few levels and the difficulty ramps up a lot which could be an example of what happens in the game. I do like the mechanics, but worry about how difficult the game could be.

Picross 3D – DS – Demo – This game has been getting a lot of attention from game sites and personalities so I thought i'd give it a go once the demo came to the Nintendo channel. Its best to do the tutorials first that come with the demo. But, whilst they do a decent job of explaining things, its when you play a level that the mechanics start to become clear. The demo comes with 2 different tutorials, each with 3 example levels to practice on, and I feel they do a good job showing what the game is. Picross 3D does feel more like a game you'd play occasionally, rather than sit for a few hours.

What have you been playing this week? feel free to add your weeks gaming selection in the comments, or comment on my selection for this week