Monday, January 30, 2023

Cloud Monday - Grip - Part 1 - A Lot of Racing With Some Streaming Issues

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 with a new game. I'm starting these next two parts with Grip on PS4.

I was somewhat familiar with what to expect from the game as i had played Rollcage in the past and the PlayStation Plus Premium page had a trailer and screenshots showing off the game. what did surprise me was how much racing i was able to do in under an hour. the game does have a tutorial, but it's done in a race. it's somewhat unique in that when it has something new to teach, it slows down time long enough for the player to read it and the racing restarts enabling you to try it out straight away, usually the game gives you what you need too.

As for the streaming issues, only once did it get in the way. there was some macroblocking, there were instances of screen tearing where white/grey was shown for a frame or two and it was this that caused the only issue as it happened at a bad time. Grip is a game which is very fast, so macroblocking isn't that much of an issue as the square disappear quickly or are motion blurred. but when grey/white tears appear for a frame or two it can not only be distracting but potentially hide something coming up. this wasn't a constant issue, but it wasn't a one off either. we'll see what happens in part 2 next week.