Thursday, November 10, 2022

Backlog Conquering - The Legend of Kay: Anniversary - Part 4 - The Part That Broke Me

This is the fourth and quite possibly the final part of me playing The Legend of Kay: Anniversary. Yesterday's part 3 was difficult and frustrating and whilst there were some better moments today, the video ends with me having to battle with the camera in a platforming section that seems to have no save point anywhere. 

The game does have some good points, but not nearly enough of them for me to continue to struggle with poor camera controls, poor fighting mechanics, and a story that really isn't doing it for me. If i had this on PC, it's possible some of these issues might've been cleared up. the same with playing it on newer consoles. but as it is, i think i'm done with it. This makes it the first game in the series which i don't finish. But, i have started it and that in itself is a positive step to making progress through my backlog.