Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

Every Extreme Extra Extreme – 360 – I loved the PC version of this game before it was famous, and had this on the 360 when it came out but never really played it. Like space invaders extreme, I feel that it could have been more graphically impressive (more so when lots of things are happening) but I spent hours playing this and it's various game modes. But I worked out how to play the main mode and it suddenly became less of a challenge, so i'm not sure if i'll got back to it much.

Motorstorm 2 Pacific Rift – PS3 – when I head that the update and dlc was coming I deicided to have a really good session with it, and I still love it. It is hard now i'm over halfway through it, but retrying the levels isn't a pain cause there are soo many different ways to race a level, and every race through has different situations. Still impressed with the looks, and online was pretty seamless fun...but the good racers are really good and can drive off into the distance.

ICO – PS2 – Kinda forgot I rented this so I decided to finish it. Overall, it is a lot shorter than you think, but it's not too short for the game's story and the location. Graphically, for it's age, its impressive, not only the style, but the draw distance is incredible. Some of the puzzles are obvious, a few may need a couple of tries. There are baddies in the game, but they never overwhelm you and they are few and far between. Whilst the end boss may seem easy, it fits perfectly into the game you've just played.

Zen Pinball – PS3 – I only got the trial, but it still allows you to play a table fully. Graphically its good, better than their 360 version, and has many different camera angles to choose from which is a nice touch. It's priced at £6.29 and from just the trial, it feels like the right price for it. The menu's hint at possible tournaments and DLC so it looks like the game is going to be well supported after launch.

So What have you played this week. feel free to comment on what i've played, or add the games you've played in the comments below.

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • King Of Fighters XII is getting console specific DLC and online modes. PS3 has Clan, 360 has ranked match.

  • Ninja Gaiden will continue as a series. it will not be console specific anymore, and will go multiplatform.

  • PS3: The Trophy List for Ghostbusters has been published. 43 Bronze, 4 Silver, 3 Gold, 1 PLatinum.

  • PSP: Rock Band Unplugged video is out. shows gameplay during the Chop Suey Song by System Of A Down.

  • 360: Datel is the first company to offer memory cards for the 360. the cards are expandable with Micro SD Cards.

  • Wii: a video for EA Sports Activeis online. it is in Spanish, but you can understand what is happening.