Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

Another week and still no 3DS gaming. That will become clear when I do a write up about me and my experience with the 3DS. Writing initial impressions is one thing, but living with it and talking about it is what i'll do. Gaming wise, not much this week. I didn't have much free time so it was more in fits and starts than a proper session. Oh and sorry for the F1 2010 moan, lol.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – Well I got promoted to the Championship. It was a tough season in league 1, but the league was tight and a good run of results at the end got me into the playoffs and I won that. I have a bit of money now but can't expand the stadium, due to council concerns, so i've got the board working on training facilities. This will be tough, I have a small squad and I think i'll have to rely on my youngsters.

Pokèmon White – DS – not much this week but the time was spent preparing for the Ice gym and trying out a few new Pokèmon. My current squad, well the squad i'm going to use at the gym, is Zebstrika, Simisear, Litwick, Dewott, Sigilph, Boldore. There's a good chance Litwick could join my squad and replace Simisear but we'll see.

Formula 1 2010 – PS3 – I've yet to actually start a race in the career mode but I have got in a quick grand prix. I don't know why i'm not falling for this game. I'll try a few more races with different cars, maybe a few more time attacks, but if I don't get into it i'll just send it back. Graphically its fine, cars...well we know my thoughts on the out of date car models, the tracks look fine. I have experienced some strange glitches in my short time with the game, the best being when 2 Renaults parked on the racing line during a practice for the Malaysia GP. I just get a feeling that its missing something, certainly in some areas it needed a bit more polish. One thing that always bugs me is when your in the pits during quali and practice, the guy who says you can leave the pits is always wrong!, lol thank goodness its all auto pilot. I can think of another bug that cost me heavily in a race, I was pitting, it was all going fine, then when the car turns into the pit slot, it got stuck. Instead of going in the gap, the car went into the pit team and stayed there. I couldn't do anything as its all auto pilot. So I went from first to last, I still don't know what fixed it. Its not all bad, but so far it has a very average feel about it. The speed is also strange. Yes I can tell a speed difference between the different cars and a different way in which they handle. But that doesn’t feel replicated in the race experience. Oh and i've not worked out how to activate the F-duct on the McLaren and i'm assuming its not represented in the game. Even writing this is making me feel like sending it back and not giving it more of a chance.

Chime Deluxe – PS3 – I played through the rest of the songs. I'm a bit rusty from the 360 version but it was still fun to play through. The music is just spot on, and whilst some of the stage layouts are a little annoying I feel that's more because I want a Lumines style game to come out because this game is good and reminds me of them.