Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

Lol, Another week of not playing Darkstalkers. I found myself back playing Killzone 2 Multiplayer so i'm going to be loosing several hours to it over the next week or so I imagine, lol.

Gran Turismo 5 – PS3 – I played some more B Spec races and a few A Spec, but overall not too much. I took some pictures of my cars but not much more. If the games loading times were better it would be more suitable for such pick up and play gaming.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – Villajoyosa is an interesting challenge. I've not played much yet as i've spent time sorting out the squad for what will be a difficult season ahead.

Little Big Planet 2 – PS3 – i've been making more use of Its fun and easy to use and its integration into the game is seamless. What i've been doing is listening to podcasts and their suggestions as well as levels that have appeared on websites and finding them on and queuing them up for when I next play.

Killzone 2 – PS3 – With Killzone 3 on the horizon I thought i'd have a go at getting some multiplayer trophies i'm missing. Its nice to see that after a year out i'm still one of the best players out there, lol. I'm down to a couple of annoying ribbons and the top 1% of the week. I'll put a lot of effort in next week to finish off the multiplayer. My issue with the single player is I no longer have my save, its on a PS3 that died a few months ago so i'll have to play through the single player again to re-start collecting some trophies, like the kill 1,000 counter has now been re-set to 0.