Sunday, October 22, 2023

Switch Funday - Monster Hunter: Rise - Sunbreak - My First Hour Into The Game

For Switch Funday, i finally started Monster Hunter: Rise - Sunbreak, a game and DLC pack that i was gifted by my family for Christmas that i hadn't got around to playing.  I don't have much experience with any Monster Hunter game as i did get the Monster Hunter Wii U limited edition but never really played much and i don't really have any memories of it.

It starts with a character creator with some very in-depth options for customisation, but honestly i'm not into that so i hurriedly created someone, the same with my Palamute and Palicoe. the only addition i might've liked is the ability for the game to randomly suggest names. but other than that i feel that everything was clearly explained and liked how the game would highlight the part(s) of your character that you were about to edit.

Then the game begins and immediately it's a great looking game. looking around, there are some things around that are lower resolution or lower detail, but as a whole it really works. Capcom have been smart in their use of art to build a world that as a whole mostly works. i do find that the faces of some characters look more porcelain than others and there are some very low resolution shadows that stick out, but in the grand scheme of things those are fairly small complaints. i'd say that throughout the music is also great, but maybe they could've done what Zelda did and add some small pieces/handful of notes when you're out adventuring.

This is essentially my first Monster Hunter game so i'm relying on it's tutorial to guide me and i'm a little disappointed in that it's gone the text box route. especially when there's a character teaching us, it doesn't make sense to me that that character isn't demoing what the text box is telling us. the game already puts controls on screen, why couldn't it combine that with our trainer so we could see how things work. Whilst it hasn't happened in this video, i'm a little concerned that we'll have to dive into menus to learn/remember things and that there won't be reminders on screen.

This fear of being overwhelmed is highlighted in this video once all the free DLC has been added to the game via it's mail system. i do have complaints with this system, which probably could've been better worded at the very least, but this did mean that when i opened up my inventory the screen was filled with icons and stuff and no tutorial to help deal with it. 

I'm a little concerned about the tutorial and whether or not it'll be able to guide me through the game. i ended the video wondering where was the amiibo section as i do have the Palamute one. i can only assume, for now, that i've not unlocked that feature or found where it is. the game has already shown that it's going it's own pace and it could very well be that the questions i have will be answered in the next hour. i don't mind if a game has a long, slow, opening to it so i'll reserve judgement somewhat and say that i have concerns but i'm looking forward to the game proving me wrong.