Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Backlog Conquering - Eat Them! - The First Part

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 1, the first 45 minutes, of playing Eat Them! on PS3.

This is one of those games that i've seen on my XMB for many years, i even remember watching the little video that plays when it's highlighted. But i've never played it as there's always been something else i've wanted to play more. Well not today. 

It makes a good first impression. it's quick to load and has a whole lot of style. back when this game came out in 2010, it was a somewhat more familiar style of cell shading. but it's not as common today. the lines are thick and black and really work with the art style. it's surprisingly clear what everything is, from the big buildings right down to the characters running away or attacking you.

The tutorial is a bit too brisk. there's a lot happening on screen during it. i would've liked a bit more of a step by step approach, as seen in the game's monster creating area. but the game is mostly simple enough that you can work it out as you play through the opening areas.

You do need to pay attention as to what you're being tasked to do. a couple of times i wasn't paying attention. in this video i play through the tutorial and first "comic." Each map is split into comics, and each comic is broken up into different stages. for the first comic/area, there were 7 stages and i play through each. i also try out the monster creator, too.