Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Zero Punctuation: Fear 2

I decided to embed this weeks Zero Punctuation because i really like it. nothing more.
his video reviews were a huge breath of fresh air and genually a big laugh. they are short reviews and whilst yes, very little impresses him, it does make you look at them different.
So watch and enjoy. head to to watch other reviews that he has done.

PSN Members Hit 20 Million Users Worldwide

A press release from Sony has proudly announced that since November 11 2006, when the Playstation Network was launched, worldwide Sony now has 20 Million registered users of the Playstation Network. in their press release, Sony has broken down some numbers of what these users are doing.
  • It took 1 year 2 months to reach 5 Million Users
  • 10 million in 1 year 8 months
  • 20 million in 2 years, 3 months.
  • the ps3 has over 600 titles that incorporate the PSN
  • PSN Store offers more than 14,500 individual pieces of content
  • Home was launched in December 2008. it now has over 4 million users
  • 2.6 Million users now use Life with Playstation