Saturday, October 22, 2011

Namco Bandai And Ubisoft Announce Ezio Auditore From Assassin's Creed Is A Fighter In Soul Calibur V

Namco Bandai and Ubisoft have announced Ezio Auditore is a fighter in Soul Calibur V. Ezio Auditore is better known for being in Assassin's Creed and his assassination tools will also be his weapons, they include a Roman Longsword, Stiletto, Crossbow, Hidden Gun, and his Hidden Blade.

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Nintendo Have Released A New Super Mario 3D Land Trailer Revealing The Boomerang Suit

Nintendo have released a new trailer for New Super Mario 3D Land. this trailer introduces the new Boomerang Suit for Mario, and shows it in action. the trailer also reveals the SpotPass feature of the game, where you can play small room sized levels called Mystery Boxes and swap them with other players.

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