Thursday, November 15, 2012

SuperBot Entertainment Announce Kat And Emmett Are Coming To Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale As Free DLC

SuperBot Entertainment have announced free DLC characters for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. work on them is still early, which means they are not coming until early next year, but SuperBot have revealed some details. both will be free to download for only two weeks.

Emmett Graves from Starhawk will have his weapons from Starhawk but he will also be able to call for help from the sky, using the Build and Battle system from Starhawk. Kat is from Gravity Rush and has her gravity powers. she can use aerial attacks and move around the stadiums.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Sixense Studios Have Released A New Gameplay Trailer For The Portal 2 In Motion DLC, Tease Future Projects

Sixense Studios have released a gameplay trailer for Portal 2. this video shows their Portal 2 DLC In Motion in action. the trailer shows how the DLC is designed for just the Move controller, how your able to move portals and items in the world with the accuracy the Move offers.

Sixense Studios have also teased that they are working on other projects which could see Move DLC coming to other games.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

Capcom Announce A Demo For DmC: Devil May Cry Comes To PS3 And Xbox 360 From 20th November

Capcom have announced a demo for DmC: Devil May Cry will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 from 20th November. the demo hits the USA first and then comes to europe on 21st November. the demo will contain two missions, one of which is a boss battle, weapons and upgrades. Capcom tease the demo will have some secrets as well.

Source: Capcom Unity

Ubisoft Announce A New Version Of Their Autodance By Just Dance App Is Out Now

Ubisoft have announced they have released version 2.0 of their Autodance by Just Dance app. the app has been downloaded over 7 million times and over 47 million user videos have been created. the update has brought 3 new songs to the app as well as a new feature where you can add visual effects to your tracks.

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Zen Studios Reveal New Marvel Pinball Table DLC, Civil War Table Coming From 21st November

Zen Studios have announced a new DLC Table for Marvel Pinball. this table is based on the Marvel Civil War and has Iron Man Against Captain America. The table is coming to several platforms, release dates and prices are:

  • Pinball FX2 on Xbox Live® Arcade for 240 MSP – November 21
  • Zen Pinball 2 as Cross Buy entitled content for PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita for $2.99 / €2.99– November 20th in North America and November 21st in Europe
  • Marvel Pinball for PlayStation®3 for $2.99 / €2.99– November 20th in North America and November 21st in Europe
  • Zen Pinball 2 on the Mac®App Store for $2.99 – November 21
  • Zen Pinball on the iTunes App®Store for $1.99 – Next week
  • Zen Pinball THD on Google®Play for $1.99 – November 21

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