Saturday, June 3, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - Playing The 4.0.1 Update

Welcome to Online Saturday.
Splatoon 3 got it's big Sizzle Season update with patch 4.0.0 so this weekend i'm back trying it out. for me, i'm playing with the latest 4.0.1 patch.

The Splatoon wiki,, has a great breakdown of what was added to the game. I had hoped to try out some of the new stuff and thankfully my catalogue level was high enough to try out the new main weapon Painbrush. the stage rotation meant i didn't get to try out Barnacle & Dime or Humpback Pump Track, but i do have a video coming for Switch Funday where i try them out. they were part of this weekends new Challenge Mode.

I got to play 14 matches today but only managed to win 5 of them. as ever it was fairly competitive and there were some close games. there was also 1 disconnection but i'm not worried about that.