Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hit X Podcast: All The Videogame News From News From The Winter Break Part 1

This is all the news from News From The Winter Break Part 1.

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The Re-Cap: News From The Winter Break Part 1

  • 3DS: its reported you are now able to pre-order the 3DS at GameStop, not clear price of deposit however
  • 360: First week sales of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan were lower than 20K. PS3 first week sales were 1.5M.
  • Wii: Team Meat have cancelled the WiiWare version of Super Meat Boy, they are looking at a retail release
  • Harmonix have bought themselves from Viacom and will operate independently. Rock Band DLC not effected
  • PS3: its rumoured Epic Mickey is coming to PS3, in development since 2008, 60fps, 720p, Move support, PSN game
  • Behemoth report that over 2 Million people have played Castle Crashers
  • Its rumoured Galactus and Taskmaster are appearing in Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  • PSP2: a 3D mock-up made from the leaked pictures has been created, aims to show more clearly what PSP2 looks like
  • DS: New Super Mario Bros has sold over 6 Million units sold in Japan, the first DS game to do so
  • 3DS: Nintendo reveals the 32 titles that will be shown during the Nintendo World 2011, half are playable, some are apps
  • Android: new Sony Phone Pictures show device with an Xperia logo and new Playstation Logo, running Android 2.3
  • 3DS: A 3DS was stolen from a Chinese factory. revealed to have a 1300mAh battery and 96MB of RAM. vid and pics in link
  • Square Enix have trademarked Final Fantasy Type-0 in the EU. no word what this game is as yet
  • 360: A Retail listing for Gears of War Ultimate found at GameStop, $29.99, 15th Feb Release, Gears 3 Beta not included
  • Dead Space 2 checks if you have a Dead Space save, it unlocks original Plasma Cutter in Dead Space 2 from the beginning
  • 3DS: the ESRB have confirmed their rating for Rayman 3D was for a 3DS Rayman game
  • More screenshots and concept art have been released for the upcoming Tomb Raider game
  • PSP Top selling platform in Japan in 2010 with 2.72M units sold. Pokemon Black/White top selling game with 4.73M
  • The ESRB has rated Xenogears, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate, and Vagrant Story as PS1 Classics
  • Sega is teasing 20th Anniversary projects for both Sonic and Puyo Puyo
  • PSP2: Its rumoured the PSP2 could be out in Japan by mid 2011
  • PS1: fans are working an english translation of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, a game never released in the west
  • Its reported Bungie have begun to tease their upcoming project. Bungie Aerospace site up with strange source code
  • Akitoshi Kawazu believes its his duty to make Romancing SaGa 4 before he dies and wants to do it
  • Sony's Kaz Hirai admits the PSN is not profitable, should be in 2011. over 60M registered PSN Users
  • PS3: Fail0verflow announce they have cracked the PS3 and are bringing Linux back. Sony maynot be able to patch this hack
  • Artwork has emerged from a canned Midway game called Hero.
  • 3DS: Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto has hinted that Monster Hunter 3 could be coming to 3DS
  • PC: Battlefield 3 will not support Windows XP or DX 9.
  • 360: Microsoft looks set to reveal Avatar Kinect at CES, rumoured to be software update allowing Avatar interaction
  • PS3: its rumoured that Pikes Peak Rally, from Gran Turismo 2, is coming to Gran Turismo 5