Sunday, August 2, 2009

QTE Tweets Of The Week

One of the resons why i changed from TinyUrl to is so i could see in more detail the statistics of what i was tweeting. one of the results is this new feature.
Tweets Of The Week, is a section where i go through the top 10 tweets that people clicked the link in the Tweet.
This is by no means accurate to what everybody read and what were actually the most compelling Tweets, you could say it shows the tweets that readers wanted to read more into and therefore went to the site where the story came from.

PS3:french website claims PS3 slim will cost 299 Euro's, Will be released early September and will be shown at GamesCon

9 Resonance Of Fate will be released Simultaneously in Europe and USA. it's currently set for a early 2010 release.

8 PS3: Sony are looking into lag issue with Fat Princess that Some users have. for now, if snail linger, find another game.

PS3: Shatter Dev's say their game was the second most downloaded game on the PSN.

PSPgo: Two screenshots have been released showing the Sense Me Application (it creates a playlist according to your mood)

360: Guitar Hero 5 will use Avatars in the game, they will play instruments on stage.

4 PS3: First Uncharted 2 Beta Figures. 130,543 Players, 63% from USA, Canada 9.71%, UK 6.55%, Mongolia 1 player.

Chris Deering says that Blockbuster games should cost £70, the Modern Warfare 2 Price hike is not high enough.

2 Its rumored that the Modern Warfare 2 Hardened edition has been cancelled by GameStop.

1 PS3:FFXIV article in Famitsu Wave. games more modern than FF XI, NO EXP or Levels, music by Uematsu + 8 minute video

I know that i only started using near the end of the week, so it doesn't show what everyone clicked on during the week, but next Sundays will.

92% of these clicks were from people in the United States of America.

What Have You Played This Week?

Football Manager 09PC – Still playing, still going. It is my vice and will be for many years to come.

Crackdown Xbox 360I played the demo when the game first came out and wasn't impressed. And still, I can understand why it had a bad first impression. I've nearly done the first island and feel mixed about the game. It has some good moments, but also some bad ones. I'll try to play further into it before making a final conclusion about the game. I do like the graphic style of the game, and whilst the camera has been a little of an issue, it doesn't detract from what is a good looking game, even now.

Killzone 2 – PS3 – got all the job badges now and was in top 10% for last week so another welcomed trophy.

Pokèmon Platinum РDS Рdone the final gym battle. Now getting my squad up to a decent level to take on the elite 4.