Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

Football Manager 09 – PC – Still playing, still going. It is my vice and will be for many years to come.

Little Big Planet – PS3 – a mate of mine had done a level, so I played the game and had a look at what levels are out there now. It always amazes me how good the levels are and how they've improved since the game launched. All sorts of mechanical devices have been made and used in levels in ways beyond anything in the single player.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge OF Cerberus – PS2 – it had the possibility of being a good game. Unfortunatly it falls short. The gameplay is average, but the possibility was there for making it great, think Bayonetta. The game was also cut scene heavy, in game was good graphic wise, but CGI was very impressive. Most were relevant, but sometimes it felt like a short cut for changing the topic, or moving on. With the games frequent loading times during this, it made these less fluid. For fans of the FFVII series (not game) it does add to the story and feature a lot of the characters. Overall I enjoyed it, but think it could be better on a current gen system

? – ? – I can't really talk about this game. All I can say is that it made a big showing at E3 with it's single player, and whilst people have talked down its multiplayer aspect, it actually is some fun. It si a Beta, and has some problems, but it looks graphically impressive and it's maps make a great use of height.

So What have you played this week. feel free to comment on what i've played, or add the games you've played in the comments below.