Saturday, December 2, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - December's Big Run Event

Welcome to Online Saturday!

This weekend is December's Big Run Event in Splatoon 3. The event takes place on the Barnacle & Dime map. Throughout the video i'll make the mistake and think that this is the eggstra event and talk about this video i hope this wont be too confusing for you.

This went really well. I aimed to get the item twice and as that seemed easy and the recording was under an hour i went for 1,000 points! it only took 7 games and my teams and i came up against the new Salmonoid boss Megalodontia. we faced off against it twice but it's a very tough boss. the first time was at high tide and with the boss being so big, it was tough to avoid whilst also dealing with the other enemies. the second time started better but as a team we got wiped out fairly quick. having it appear from below is tricky to deal with as the ink put down is rarely ours. by this point, there's so much enemy ink that getting around is slow. it's tough to ink, attack enemies, dodge the boss, and attack the boss. in that second game i also had a weapon i didn't like to use.