Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quantic Dream Have Released A Making Of Video For Their KARA Tech Demo

Quantic Dream have released a new video for their tech demo KARA. this video is a behind the scenes look at not only how they made it but also the audition for the KARA character. the video shows how they took the look of Valorie Curry and used it for KARA. the video also shows the motion capturing process and the detail used on her face for expressions.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

Ubisoft Have Released A New Far Cry 3 Trailer Introducing Dr Earnhardt

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Far Cry 3. this trailer uses in-game action to introduce Dr Earnhardt, and the drug like experiences the player has during the game. new in-game action is also shown in this new trailer.

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Nintendo Detail Upcoming 3D Music Videos Coming To Nintendo Video On The 3DS

Nintendo have detailed the upcoming 3D music videos coming to Nintendo Video on the 3DS. Out today are Sabotage" from Wale and "So Good" from B.o.B. other videos coming soon are:
  • OK Go, "Skyscrapers"
  • Skrillex, "Breakn' a Sweat"
  • Death Cab for Cutie, "Underneath The Sycamore"
  • I Fight Dragons, "Save World Get Girl"

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PopCap Announce They Are Bringing Zuma's Revenge To XBLA This Summer For 800 MS Points

PopCap have announced they will be bringing Zuma's Revenge to Xbox 360 XBLA this summer for 800 MS Points. Zuma’s Revenge! for Xbox LIVE, will include the following new and innovative game features:
  • Extend your gameplay experience in the new and exclusive Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge game modes
  • Enjoy updated 2012 gameplay: No more lives, no more checkpoints and no more game over
  • Discover and befriend 4 all-new Spirit Animal companions
  • Earn Spirit Badges on every level and use them to power up your Spirit Animals
  • Dominate your friends on a whopping 74 leaderboards
  • Experience remastered HD graphics
  • Unlock 20 Xbox LIVE achievements
  • Flaunt 2 tiki-themed awards for your Xbox LIVE avatar
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Lucas Arts And Microsoft Have Released A New Dev Video For Kinect Star Wars Showing Game Features

Lucas Arts and Microsoft have released a new video for Kinect Star Wars. this video features members of the development team talking about the games' features. in-game action is shown from many parts of the game, as well as the reveal you can play as a Rancour and destroy Mos-Eisley.

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Zero Punctuation - Mass Effect 3

This week Yahtzee tackles Mass Effect 3. there's alot of debate around the internet about many parts of the game, but will Yahtzee surprise us all by enjoying it or was 3 Mass Effects 1 too many?

Telltale Have Released The Debut Trailer For The Walking Dead, Reveal 5 Episode Game Starts April

Telltale Games have announced the release date for the first Walking Dead episode. it will come out on Xbox 360 XBLA, PS3 PSN, PC, And Mac late in April for 400 MS Points / $4.99. PC And Mac can pay $24.99 for a season pass to the game. there will be a further 4 episodes released, one a month.

Telltale have also announced that customers who pre-order the game from their online store, for $22.49, will get the chance to be put into the game. they could join the cast in Episode 4 as a human survivor before being killed and then becoming a Zombie in the game.

The first video is a teaser for the game Telltale released. the second video is the debut trailer for the game that shows a mix of 2D and 3D images as well as some gameplay.

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Capcom Have Released A Launch Trailer For Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Capcom have released a launch trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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