Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

I know, no 3DS Games this week! Well that's cause when it's not had Pokèmon in it, family have wanted to play it so they've been playing, and loving, the AR Games and Face Raiders. But the 3D has been a slight issue with only myself and sister not having any issues with it. Some have turned the 3D of and still enjoyed playing around, whilst others turn it down. I have managed to get some game time in this week oh and I also managed to get a Spot Pass Hit.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – Still in League 1 and still with Havant & Waterlooville. Its tough and the season has been full of highs and lows. Thankfully I had a very easy draw in the FA Cup and got quite far so that earned me some money.

Pokèmon White – DS – I didn't get too much further this week. Most of my game time was spent exploring a mountain and trying to catch a very rare Pokèmon that seemed to appear once every 3 hours!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX – PS3 – I have all the trophies in the game which means that yes i've now completed it. Well completed in the sense that every level has a score. The fun will be trying to beat that score and get higher in the rankings.

Split Second – PS3 – Well i've played a few more “Seasons” now. The first was easy but the rest of the game is not. Difficulty does ramp up but its manageable and its not got a point where it feels too hard, the fast frenzied nature of the game means sometimes you finish near the back just because a building fell on you. The racing as a whole is really good. The cars feel like the old Burnout games, but with a touch more refinement, and the circuits are designed to let you drift, draft, and over take with ease. The destruction element is really fun, each level has several small things that explode, one or two medium things, and 1 big thing that explodes, and it usually changes the layout of the circuit cause its soo big. Couple this explosive action with the fast pace of the races, and its really easy to loose yourself and get involved. But, whilst the racing is great, all the fluff around it does detract. Having “Seasons” isn't bad, its a nice way to break up the monotony of racing over and over by splitting things up into groups of 6, and there are 12 seasons in all. Its the over the top nonsense around it that's too much. They saw their game had explosions and action and turned the fluff around the races into some major action movie/tv show which I personally didn't think it needed. Its not around all the time its only between “Seasons” when it really gets in the way, and only a little when introducing a new racing mode. There are several different styles of races that fit perfectly well into the game and each are fun and challenging in their own way. I've not finished the game but the racing alone makes it worth the £10 I spent on it. Oh, the online multiplayer...i've yet to find anyone else so it looks like it's single player racing all the way.

Formula 1 2010 – PS3 – Those who follow the site know I have strong opinions about his game and the lack of forward thinking from the Codemasters team, an example being how the cars in the game look very little like the cars that finished the 2010 season. I decided to rent this game as i'm still an F1 fan and the new season has got me all excited. I've not played much so far but the racing aspect is good and handles well. The cars feel different and there is a noticeable speed difference. Sure the cars don't look like I remember but that experience wasn't bad. The fluff around all this isn't so great. It takes longer than it should to be able to even have a chance to race. They make you start your career mode before you've seen the main menu. Once you've set yourself up for career and they explained all sorts, then your given the chance to race. But as I had just done all this career stuff I thought I was stuck with Virgin Racing. Turns out i'm not as you can choose a different team for Time Attack. It would've been easier if the career stuff started when you choose it.

Chime Deluxe – PS3 – I have this game on the 360 and I really enjoyed it. I liked the idea of buying a good game for charity. The PS3 version is a bit more expensive but its a definitive version of the game. There is just soo much depth to the game in that you can never have the same game twice. Each level is a song, each piece adds something, each quad adds something else, and each filled part of the level adds something else. The songs are good and fit very well to the game style and how it works. There is a demo, its not perfect as you only get to play one level, but it does show the idea of the game and if your interested or liked games like Lumines i'd recommend you at least try the demo.

Super Stardust HD – PS3 – I love this game. It just never stops giving, lol. First it was rumble, then trophies, then 3D, and now there's even more DLC. The game is simple, fun, and looks great. The DLC adds a game style the PSP version has and it works well. If you like twin stick shooters like Geometry Wars, you should at least try the Demo for the game.