Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Backlog Conquering - Kamiko On Switch - Part 1 - The First Two Stages

This is part 1 of playing the Nintendo Switch version of Kamiko, from developers SKIPMORE, as part of Backlog Conquering. 

I decided to move on from Teslagrad as i just wasn't enjoying the experience. I'm glad i did as this video on Kamiko was much more enjoyable. This is a game i've had for a long time. i remember hearing about it on a podcast where they highlighted the excellent soundtrack and that it can be beaten before the battery on the Switch dies. But since then, all i remember doing is starting the game, enjoying the soundtrack, closing the game whilst i looked for the soundtrack, and i don't think i ever came back to it.

For this series, i've started a new save file rather than use the existing one. I would've preferred a bit more of a tutorial, but as it only uses two buttons it didn't take long to work it out so it's not that bad. The only other thing i would've liked is a map, but again as the stages aren't too big it wasn't much of an issue as it didn't take long to sort myself out.

It's clear that Kamiko isn't designed to be a challenge. It may stop and make you think for a bit, but often you'll be fine. It does mean that when you do get stuck, it is a little frustrating as you feel like it should be easier than you're making it look.

The music is definitely a highlight, but i also do enjoy the art style. They're using a 8/16 bit esthetic very smartly. all the enemies are distinct, the world is clear and easy to navigate, and each of the two stages i've played so far looked different from each other and yet familiar enough to feel cohesive as a game world.

I look forward to part 2 of playing Kamiko as i had a lot of fun with Part 1.