Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

A impressive week where i managed to finish 2 games and get into level 7 on PS3 trophies.

Killzone 2 – PS3 – Still trying to get some badges, nearly got the C4 badge. But played a lot of the new maps. I like them, they are quite different from those which came with the game. But i've found it hard to find a game with full 32 people on a map. Still managed to get all the trophies which was nice.

Football Manager 09PC – things going much better in league 1 than I thought, i'm challenging for a playoff position! wish this was on the ps3, I bet it would run faster. The more years you play, the slower it gets.

Mirrors Edge – PS3 – I noticed that I hadn't finished this game and thought i'd try. I did, but it took me longer than I thought. I wasn't good at the combat and felt it was not needed but still loved the free running. I admit to not giving much concern to the story, lol. The time trails are fun, but get very competitive very quickly, I found myself restarting levels if I hadn't done it right. The speed runs of the levels were not that fun due to the enemies still being there.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift – PS3 – a game I like to come back to and play a little. Its very graphically impressive, the the tracks are very diverse. It maybe a little difficult perhaps too soon, but it is fun to go back and keep on trying.

Ratchet and Clank: Quest For Booty – PS3 – a lot of fun in the end. a couple of moments felt artificially too long, and in the end it didn't take me too long to complete the game. After two sessions it was all over, and there's not really any push to play through it again. At the sale price, it was perhaps right but at it's current price some may think it's too short.

Fat Princess – PS3 – i'll risk getting in trouble by saying i'm playing this game. It's great fun, and the different classes are very well balanced. Graphics are stylised but good. Had a few games which ended up being a stalemate which is a little worrying, and more than a few issues with connections/servers and lag. But it is a Beta, and defiantly a must buy when it comes out.

Feel free to comment on anything i've played and what you yourself has played over the last week.

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • 360: Velvet Assassin has a dashboard image on the review copy. no word if this is happening with all new games.

  • Analyst Pachter predicts Wii HD "upgrade" for 2010, whilst a new Playstation and Xbox will be in 2013.

  • Wii: Horror Game Feel, by Japanese horror director of the Grudge, looks loosely based on The Grudge. hit for vid.

  • A Survey asks whether people would like a karma system (or Good vs Evil system) in the next Grand Theft Auto.

  • Patent by Epic hints at game called Nano.Strike and unusual faceplate's for consoles. maybe Kill.Switch sequel

  • Wii: Red Steel 2 details emerge. No Multiplayer on disc, could be DLC. side quests, collectibles, and lots more.

  • Wii: after a year with no Pikmin 3 information, next months edge magazine may have some exclusive information.

  • PS3: it's rumored after may 5th, when Fallout 3 DLC exclusivity ends, the PS3 version could be getting some DLC.