Saturday, April 8, 2023

Online Saturday - Meet Your Maker - A Difficult Introduction

Welcome to Online Saturday.
Today's video is on the newly released Meet Your Maker. i was playing this on PS4, a launch model, as part of PlayStation Plus.

Going in i knew very little about this game. but from some descriptions and the game's own policies and warnings i knew there was some sort of online component. i had assumed it was raiding as a group, kinda like Destiny, but for this video at least i was wrong.

i learned quickly that, again for this video and this early on in the game, the goal is to raid other user made bases. turns out it was simpler said than done. other than the two very basic tutorial bases, i failed to complete a raid in any of the other bases i tried.

The problem is this game is too new. users try bases, they score bases, and bases are assigned levels. but the two i tried were clearly far too advanced for someone just starting the game. especially the second level i tried. the main weapon i have only has two bullets that i have to get back if i want more. but with flying enemies, who knows where the bullets end up and that's what happened. in the last try, i couldn't find the bullets and had to try running. i do have a second weapon, a sword, but it's useless against flying enemies.

The second level i tried is also annoying because it lets you climb to the top of it with some ease, and there's nothing there. the two levels i tried feel like they were built without the grappling hook in mind. the problem the game has is that the grappling hook is soo good, it almost needs to be it's own category because once players understand how to use it i imagine level design is going to ramp up in difficult. there is a guide that seems to follow a path to the goal, but as i was unable to build my own level due to a lack of resources, i don't know how it actually works.

There are positives from the game tho. it handles amazing, almost retro. the same goes for the graphic style as it feels like a Quake/Unreal Tournament era game. i'm playing on a launch base PS4 and even tho the style looks simple, it did look good. the downside of playing on a launch PS4 tho is the long loading times. we're talking minutes, especially for the second level. one difficult the game has is getting the information from the internet, then building the level. it's the same issues games like Mod Nation Racers/LittleBigPlanet Karting suffered from back on the PS3.

i will go back to the game in maybe a month or two once the levels have been better sorted by other uses. hopefully there'll be a patch to address the loading. i'd also like a chance to play with the options before the game starts, seeing as we're already going through privacy notices and what not.