Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Xclusive - Astro Tripper 1.2 Update.

The kind folks at Pom Pom Games have kindly given me a quick/short list of the changes that 1.2 bought to Astro Tripper.

"friends now shown on high score page, (though not quite in the right order!)*

a new entry on the high score table shows those below it correctly
before the table sync

spider point trophy - description of how to get clarified

odds and ends"

* a further email with Pom Pom Games has made clear that a future patch will be released to fix this issue.

Woo, well happy. it's nice when i ask a company a question that they reply.
it's not some block buster news i know, but those who read the weekly "What Have You Played This Week?" will know that i do love this game, will know that it matters to me, and it's something i wanted to know.
and besides...baby steps, lol.