Thursday, February 12, 2009

Resistance Retribution thoughts...

i'm playing the resistance retribution demo on the PSP, which came out today, and wow. right from the off it shows off some really impressive graphics, gives you some interesting story, and throws you right into the action.
right there, i wonder what people will think of the next bit. this game does not play like any other resistance game simply because it is on the PSP and not the PS3. if it was on the PS3, i'm sure that people would love the game, buit with the different controll scheme needed for the PSP, it's not quite as intuative as a dual stick shooter.
the main controlls use the left stick as movement and the face buttons as directions to shoot, R1 is primary fire with L1 as secondary fire. thankfully, this scheme is becoming more and more common on the psp, when people port over dual stick games. Super Stardust Portable, Riff Everyday Shooter are two new games which use the same controlls as this game.
i personally feel that this is the best compramise for this system, and fully enjoy using it with Super Stardust Portable, but with this kinda throws you in the deep end after the into with battle after battle after battle....before an epic battle at the end. for the demo's size it feels short, it clocks in at 171mb, but it also is a good taster of what is to come.
it looks like the resistance universe, right down to the music. this is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year for the PSP.

UK PSN Update 12/02/09

This week sees the much anticpated release of Flower and Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars as well as a surprise demo for the PSP of Reistance Retribution.

Motorstorm 2

PSN Games
Flower [£6.29],
Supersonic Acrobatic Roket-Powered Battle-Cars [£7.99],

PS3 Games
Little Big Planet - Ape Escape Costume [£1.59]
Little Big Planet -Toro Costume [£1.59]
NBA All Star -All Star Weekend 09 (Game Pack) [Free]

Guitar Hero
"Dig Out Your Soul" by Oasis (Full Album) [£13.99]
"Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams [£1.59]
"Drive" by Incubus [£1.59]
"Ain't Got Nothin'", "Falling Down", (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady", "I'm Outta Time", "Soldier On", "The Nature Of Reality", "The Turning", "To Be Where There's Life"; All by Oasis and [£1.59] each.
Acoustic Track Pack - "Drive" by Incubus, "Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams, and "New Slang" by The Shins [£4.39]
Southern Rock Pack - "Commotion" by Creedene Clearwater Revial, "Black Betty" made famous by Ram Jam and covered by Wavegroup, and "Gimme All Your Lovin" made famous by ZZ Top, covered by Wavegroup

Rock Band
The Fratellis Pack 01 - "Creepin Up The Back Stairs", "Flathead", and "Henrietta" [£2.49] [£0.99 Each]

Flower Trailer
Fifa 09 - Inside Fifa Interactive World Cup Trailer)
Tekken 6 - New Year Trailer

Need For Speed Undercover
Pain - Hasselhoff Theme

Resistance Retribution Demo [172MB]