Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Backlog Conquering - The Legend of Kay: Anniversary - The First Hour

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
We have a new game in the Backlog Conquering Series. I have started The Legend of Kay: Anniversary on PS3. this is the first video, and it shows the first hour of the game.

Going in, i knew little to noting about the game. i'm sure i only have it via a PlayStation Plus get many years ago. but it's always been a game i was curious about and this series is the perfect chance for me to give it a go. 

My thoughts of it being a PS2 game were right, and some gameplay mechanics feel a little dated by modern standards. but for the most part, the first hour was good and i'm looking forward to at least another part. It's too early to say whether i'll play it through to it's end, but i don't regret giving it a go.