Friday, May 18, 2012

Sega And Three Rings Announce Over 3 Million Spiral Knights Accounts Have Been Made

Sega and Three Rings have announced their free to play game Spiral Knights now has over 3 Million accounts. in celebration, there will not be an energy cost to use all elevators from now to 19th May, Saturday. Thee Rings have also announced that more levels are coming, improved combat, and new Guilds and more group work.

Source: Sega Blog

Sanzaru Games Announce Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Is Coming To The PS Vita

Sanzaru Games have announced they will Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time to the PS Vita. this will be the same game that will be released on the PS Vita but with some PS Vita exclusive features. the game will make use of both touch screens and motion controls. you can also take your save game from the PS Vita version and continue the game on the PS3, and Vice Versa.

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Source: EU Playstation Blog

Grip Games Have Released The First Developer Diary For Foosball 2012 Showing Move Controls

Grip Games have released the first developer dairy for Foosball 2012. this short video focuses on showing Playstation Move and controller gameplay.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

THQ Have Released A New Cinematic Trailer For Darksiders II Featuring Death

THQ have released a new cinematic trailer for Darksiders 2. this trailer shows Death in action and taking on a giant enemy.

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Activision And Eutechnyx Announce NASCAR The Game: Inside Line For Xbox 360, PS3, And Wii

Activision and Eutechnyx have revealed this years NASCAR game. coming this fall, NASCAR The Game: Inside line is set to come out on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii and it will feature all the 23 racetracks and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Drivers. Developers Brain In A Jar have revealed they are working with Eutechnyx on the Wii version of the game. the game is being developed separately from the HD Console versions to ensure the game takes advantage of the Wii Hardware. Inside Line features a new in-depth career mode, which can see you rising up through the ranks earning more sponsorship and better car parts, and more robust online features.

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Konami Announce The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Comes To PS Vita On 12th June

Konami have announced the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection comes out on the PS Vita on 12th June.

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Rocksteady And Warner Bros. Have Released A New Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Trailer For Batman Arkham: City

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham City. this trailer is for the upcoming Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC.

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Devil's Details Have Released New Screenshots For Table Top Tanks, Reveal It Comes To PS Vita 23rd May

Devil's Details have announced their upcoming PS Vita AR Game Table Top Tanks is set to come out on 23rd May for €1.99. this will be the first AR game to have trophies on the PS Vita, with it having 2 Gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze. Devil's Details have provided a link for people to print of A4 sized AR Cards so they can scale up the action and play the game on the floor or large surface. DLC is in the works which will bring new tanks to the game and a themed jet fighter.


Source: EU Playstation Blog