Friday, June 26, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

Majesco - Serious Sam HD Screenshots and Fact Sheet

Majesco have released screenshots and a fact sheet for Croteam's Serious Sam HD. The first two screenshots show how the game used to look and what the HD version now looks like.
The fact sheet, provided, also says the game will cost 1200MS Points and is set for a late summer 2009 release. The game will feature 4 Player Co-Op Via Xbox Live and has 12 levels.

Fact Sheet

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Developer: Croteam
Platforms: Xbox LIVE Arcade
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: Late Summer 2009
Price / Rating: 1200 MS Points/ Mature

The indie sensation Serious Sam: The First Encounter is reborn in glorious high-definition for legions of long-time fans and a whole new generation of gamers around the world. Featuring dazzling visuals and revamped design, gamers take control of the legendary Sam ‘Serious’ Stone as he is sent back through time to ancient Egypt to battle the overwhelming forces of Lord Mental and the Sirian army.

Developed by Croteam and powered by the next-generation Serious Engine 3, Serious Sam HD features beautifully rendered, high-resolution visuals and lushly redesigned environments to create the most astonishing Serious Sam game ever.
  • Return to the golden age of frantic, non-stop action with Serious Sam’s trademark onslaught of enemies rushing towards you at every turn. From the charging Sirian Werebull to the screaming Headless Kamikaze and the multi-story Ugh-Zan, all of the infamous minions of Lord Mental have been spectacularly redesigned for Serious Sam HD.
  • Fire up one of the greatest arsenals in gaming history by wielding demon-stopping revolvers, lead-spewing miniguns, monstrous cannons and the notorious Serious Bomb for when you absolutely, positively, have to kill every enemy in sight.
  • More than 12 levels of bedlam set against the expansive backdrop of ancient Egypt with every square inch upgraded and reworked to create one of the most visually stunning experiences on Xbox LIVE Arcade.
  • Embrace the mayhem with up to four players through online co-op on Xbox LIVE and unlock the sweet, sweet achievements you and your friends so badly crave