Thursday, August 10, 2023

Backlog Conquering - RiME - Part 6 - Taking 30 Minutes To Complete The Robot Room Puzzle

At the end of Part 5,, i was left in a room with robots at one end. i had a look around but couldn't work out the puzzle so i left it for this Part 6. 

But i would be stuck in this room for 30 minutes! it's a little embarrassing how long it took for me to solve this room. once i finally got out of the room, the rest of the video went really smoothly. it was a little strange to have the dark creatures no longer attack or pay much attention to me. it seemed that each time i met them they'd react differently. the rainy maze looked impressive, as does much of the game, but it actually felt easy to get through. during the video i commented if i had brute forced my way through the maze like section rather than navigate it as it was intended. ultimately, whilst the maze looked nice, it seemed somewhat pointless.