Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

Whilst I have downloaded all my free games from the PSN and PlayStation Plus, I have yet to play any of them. But they're all ready and installed for when I'm free.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – first season in the premiership is still under way. I'm in early February and I look set to stay in the premiership, though I imagine it'll be a tense few months.

Pokèmon White – DS – I continued exploring but mostly I just did the online Pokèmon games and earned new Pokèmon that way. I now have access to the forest, sky, and sea.

Tiny Wings – iPhone 4 – I got a couple of games in. its a fun game and perfect for pick up and play.

Dalton – iPhone – as fun as this game has been. It does seem to cause some issues with Game Center.

GoGoGadget – iPhone – I have no unlocked the free Inspector Gadget theme song for my ringtone. There may only be a couple of levels in the game but each of them is very long, so long in fact that i've yet to get through the first one. This game has a lot of charm and a lot of unlockables that keep me going back to it.

Berzerk Ball – iPhone – This is a simple good looking game. All you have to do is hit a geek with a bat type thing. As the geek flies he hits insects, mines, and giant robots which propel him further. The aim is to get as far as possible which unlocks extra characters. Its a easy game to jump in for a few minutes and try to beat scores and buy better equipment.

Falling Fred – iPhone – This game looks great and is very easy to play. All you do is control Fred by moving the iPhone. But Fred is fairly large and obscures some of the screen so as you fall faster it starts to become difficult avoiding stuff and having decent control over him.

Puzzle Quest 2 – Xbox 360 – I Like popping back into the game now and then. I really enjoy it and now i've made my way into the Necromancers.

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