Friday, March 29, 2013

Microsoft Reveal MyPunchcard, Exclusive For Xbox LIVE Reward Members

Microsoft have revealed MyPunchcard for Xbox LIVE Reward Members. this promotion see's Xbox 360 players earning rewards by playing games or buying games. for April, you can earn rewards all month long by:
  1. Play 20 hours of any combination of arcade games, receive a free avatar item
  2. Purchase any four arcade games for 400 Microsoft Points or more from Xbox LIVE, receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership
  3. Spend 3200 Microsoft Points on arcade games, receive 800 Microsoft Points in return. 

Source: Major Nelson

Namco Bandai Have Released A New Trailer For Star Trek: The Video Game Showing A Kirk Vs Gorn Rematch

Namco Bandai have released a new trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game. this video starts with a rematch of the famous kirk vs Gorn fight with William Shatner Vs Gorn. it then moves onto showing the new Star Trek Video Game.

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Sega Announce The Company Of Heroes Beta Starts On 2nd April For Pre-Order Customers And Alpha Testers

Sega have revealed the first part of the Company Of Heroes 2 beta will start on 2nd April. this will be a closed beta and only available for those who have pre-ordered the game and alpha testers. this Beta will be expanded in a few weeks where more people can join in, Sega recommend keeping an eye on the games website. This early part of the Beta will include 6 maps, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 competitive gameplay, play alone or with teammates against the AI, Army customizer and up to level 40.

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Ubisoft Have Released A Launch Trailer For Anno 2070 Complete Edition

Ubisoft have released a launch trailer for Anno 2070 Complete Edition. out now, the Anno 2070 Complete Edition includes the original Anno 2070 game, the Deep Ocean Add on, All DLC, A New Tech Tree Poster and the complete soundtrack to Anno 2070.

505 Games Reveal Mark Nicholas, David Lloyd And Michael Slater As Ashes Cricket 2013 Commentators

505 Games have revealed the first 3 commentators in the upcoming Ashes Cricket 2013. the lead commentator will be Mark Nicholas, with the other commentators confirmed as David Lloyd (aka Bumble) And Michael Slater.

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Deep Silver And Grasshopper Have Released A New Trailer For Killer Is Dead, Confirm Japanese And English Audio

Deep Silver and Grasshopper Manufacture have released a new trailer for Killer Is Dead. this video shows the first look at in-game action and shows several enemies you'll be slicing and shooting your way through. Deep Silver have also confirmed that the game will come with both Japanese Audio and English Audio on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

TellTale Games Reveal The Wolf Among Us, Coming This Summer And Based On FABLES

Telltale Games have revealed their next episodic series is The Wold Among Us. it's a prequel to the first issue of FABLES where players are Bigby Wolf, formally known as The Big Bad Wolf. you are the Sheriff trying to keep order, tasked by Snow White. The Wolf Among Us is set to come out this summer across PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac Digitally.

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Square Enix Announce Final Fantasy V Is Out Now On iOS

Square Enix have announced Final Fantasy V is out now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. the game costs £10.99 / €14.49. Square Enix have released a new Game Play trailer showing the new iOS features in action.

Customize characters with an unprecedented degree of freedom with the Job and Ability System – including the additional Gladiator, Cannoneer, Oracle, and Necromancer jobs!
  • Veteran character designer Kazuko Shibuya has returned to recreate the characters and graphics for a completely enhanced mobile experience!
  • Touch-screen controls and active-time battle system are optimized for fluid combat on mobile devices
  • This new mobile version also includes “The Sealed Temple” from the 2006 release, as well as the Tetsuya Nomura-designed optional boss Enuo, and an extraordinary soundtrack

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Codemasters Reveal European Cars And Races In GRID 2

Codemasters have revealed some of the European aspect of GRID 2. The Video they have released shows many of the cars and some of the courses listed below. more European GRID 2 stuff will be revealed later.

Brands Hatch (Track Racing),
Barcelona (Street Racing)
Red Bull Ring (Track Racing)
Centeral Paris (Street Racing)
Algarve International Circuit (Track Racing)
Côte d'Azur (Road Races)

BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution (Evo3)
BMW Motorsport 320 TC
Caterham-Lola SP300R
Ford Focus ST 2013
Gomez Competition GC 10.1
McLaren F1 GT
Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 Evo 2
Mercedes Benz SLS GT3
Pagani Huayra
Volvo S60 BTCS
Chevrolet Cruze Touring Car (Winner of 2010 BTCC)

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Reloaded Productions Reveal APB Vendetta, A Pay Once Game On Kickstarter With PS4 Ambitions

Reloaded Productions have revealed All Points Bulletin Vendetta. currently on Kickstarter and after $300.000, APB Vendetta moves away from it's free2play MMO predecessor APB Reloaded and is a pay once game with Mod Support. the game is built on Unreal Engine 3 and is described as having "the insane freedom of movement seen in John Woo and “Heroic Bloodshed” genre movies".

Reloaded Productions describe the combat best by saying:
APB Vendetta features asymmetric dual-wielding, slow-motion, melee combat and a combo system that encourages players to perform stylish takedowns utilizing character-specific finishing moves. Sliding, diving, wall-running and performing parkour-like acrobatics while racking up match bonus points is core to the gameplay.

At time of writing, the game currently has 99 Backers and $12,108 pledged. the $300.000 goal will see the game released on PC. a stretch goal of $750,000 sees your character being transferred from APB Reloaded into Vendetta, a second goal of $1,000,000 will see the creation of a Modding UI and toolset. they list a final stretch goal as the PlayStation 4, however Epic have not yet announced Unreal Engine 3 as available for PS4, but if they do and Reloaded Productions gets enough money they will make a PS4 version that a certain level of backers would get if APB Vendetta's Kickstarter was successful.


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CCP Games Have Released A New Video For The Upcoming DUST 514 Uprising Beta Build

CCP Games have detailed the upcoming Uprising DUST 514 Beta Build. this new Build is coming out on 6th May. This will be the first of a series of updates to DUST 514 whilst it is in Beta.

The Uprising update for DUST 514 is focused on these core features:

· Planetary Conquest: Take over the galaxy one world at a time!  Player corporations can own and manage planetary districts in the EVE Online universe. Every battle matters and the fates of hundreds of thousands of gamers and the wealth of their massive corporations are constantly at stake.

· Graphic enhancement: The overall visual experience of DUST 514 is improved and enhanced by an optimized graphics engine. The maps and environments of DUST 514 are sharper, faster, and better than ever.

· Accessibility: The improved user experience is cleaner and easier, getting players into the action quickly.

· New content
:  Uprising extends the DUST 514 gameplay experience with new battlegrounds and gameplay modes and expands your arsenal with brand new weapons, gear, and equipment for every situation.
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