Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sony Have Revealed The Uncharted Golden Abyss TV Advert

Sony have revealed the TV advert for Uncharted Golden Abyss.

 Source: EU Playstation Blog

Sony Have Released A New Game Trailer And Detailed Different Ship Classes In Wipeout 2048

Sony have released a new game trailer for Wipeout 2048. this trailer uses in-game action to show many of the different ships, tracks, and game modes. the trailer also shows some of the touch controls.

Sony have also detailed the different ship classes in the game. the screenshots show how each class changes the look of a ship. the Speed Ships are delta winged shaped but lack heavy weapon and defensive systems. Speed Class ships are best for Time Trials and Speed Laps. Agility ships have great handling and manoeuvrability and are great for Zone Mode. Fighter Class are tough but loose out on speed and manoeuvrability.


Sony have teased a forth class, the Prototype Class, but won't detail what they are good for, instead letting players discover them.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Rising Star Games Announce They Are Bringing BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA To Europe On 16th March

Rising Star Games have announced they are bringing Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA to Europe and the UK on 16th March. The 3DS and Wii versions each come with all 6 BIT.TRIP games as well as their own features:

  • BIT.TRIP BEAT marks the beginning of Commander Video’s epic journey
  • BIT.TRIP CORE is the second instalment in Commander Video’s soul quest
  • BIT.TRIP VOID continues Commander Video’s epic journey
  • BIT.TRIP Runner marks the first fully character-based adventure for Commander Video
  • BIT.TRIP FATE is the penultimate chapter in the six-part BIT.TRIP series and will leave you wondering what’s next
  • The BIT.TRIP series comes full circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX, Commander Video’s final adventure
  • All six games in the award-winning BIT.TRIP series in one complete package with 120 completely new BIT.TRIP challenges spanning all six games
  • New audio gallery with fan remixes, original songs and demo versions of existing BIT.TRIP themes
  • An image gallery with exclusive production stills, concept art and promo images
  • A video gallery with more than 25 movies telling the story of Commander Video
  • Six letters to BIT.TRIP fans written by the series’ director
  • Original soundtrack CD packaged with BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, featuring music from all six games in the series
  • New difficulty modes in all games
  • Online leaderboards

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