Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Sitri Cup Revival - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Pixel Sitri Cup Revival! (2023/12/11 9:00~2023/12/18 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the Pixel Sitri Cup Revival. i have played this cup before, https://youtu.be/oxQec5wx4ZM. That video is short like that one, but in that video i was unable to defeat the boss whereas this time i did it!

The gimmick this week was one that i't a fan off. but i was lucky in that it didn't get in the way too much. The gimmick is a square that changes the orb, inside said square, color. But this gimmick didn't change color to all the available colors, instead it was limited to a small set of colors. There were also fewer stages this week in comparison to last week so it was easy to get to the boss but it was very tough. i only managed to beat the boss once. This was also the second week running where i only played against 2 other human players.

This week i played against:
naaちゃん - Rank 68
おれ- Rank 54