Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Zero Punctuation: Siren Blood Curse

I know it's late again, but i have a good excuse, lol, i just got back from seeing Andy Parsons Live...anyway back to the review...

This week his choice is Siren Blood Curse on the PS3. seems like he enjoys it...just wishes is was better, lol

Capcom and Sony to Work Together to Support Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. [Updated]

[Update: changed the PSP Picture. SCEE Press have given a picture of theMonster Hunter PSP box, and it's clear that we are not getting the PSP which i had orignally displayed in the article. ( was the picture before) ]

Sony and Capcom are going to be spending millions to help promote the game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is set for a June 26th release. Their aim is to try to emulate the huge success that the game series has had in Japan.

There will be a Demo before the game is released. it will have three quests which you can play alone or in a group of four people. There will also be a PSP Bundle with a specific Monster Hunter Design and colour.
Expect to see more about the game in newspapers, Home, the internet, and television over the next few months.

SCEE Press Release

London – April 28, 2009 – Capcom® a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, has today announced that it will be working in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) to support the release of the upcoming Monster Hunter Freedom Unite game for PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable). The game which is scheduled for release on the 26th June will be heavily backed by a multi-million promotional campaign throughout PAL territories.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Capcom to promote Monster Hunter Freedom Unite,” commented David Reeves, President SCEE. “With the combined efforts of both companies we want to emulate the success that the title has had in Japan.”

Key to the huge success of the Monster Hunter series in Japan has been the social aspect of multiplayer hunts. Across PAL territories gamers will be able to sample the phenomenon of Monster Hunter before the games release with the launch of the demo available to download on PlayStation®Network. The demo will feature three quests to prepare players for the arrival of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in which you can choose to play alone with the aid of your feline companion or in a team of up to four players to get a real taste of the social gaming side of Monster Hunter that’s taken Japan by storm.

Retail initiatives include an exclusive PSP hardware bundle which contains a specially designed Monster Hunter branded PSP skin and pouch along with a copy of the game.

Michael Pattison, Senior Marketing Director of Capcom Europe stated “Working closely with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to promote the latest title in the Monster Hunter franchise allows Capcom access to all of Sony’s promotional channels, including Playstation websites, community pages and Playstation Home. A series of events and print and on-line advertising will support a heavy weight TV advertising program. The support of Sony on this title is a clear indication that Monster Hunter can be successful across the West.”

Further details about the upcoming promotional activity will be released shortly. For more information about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite please visit

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • iPhone: Noby Noby Boy on the iPhone is bait to get more funds for continuous development of the PS3 version.

  • PS3: Noby Noby Boy update 1.10 is out now. it comes in at 563MB!

  • Wii: The Wii is widely available in the UK. no price rise, yet, as they are selling old stock at the old price.

  • Super StarDust HD Dev's are working on three new games. 1 PSN exclusive, 1 Multiplatform and Self published Rope.

  • Wii: Resident Evil Archives, the Wii Port of the Gamecube remake of a PS1 game, is set for June 23rd Release.

  • A New MotoGP game is currently in development by Monumental Games. set for 360 and PS3.a new direction for series

  • iPhone: ts rumored that Worms could be coming to the iPhone. there is also a video of what may be a early build.

  • 360: Capcom aiming for Lost Planet 2 demo during E3. link also has loads of pictures from the game.

  • PS3: Killzone 2 Online championship announced for the USA. 4 players a team, aged 13+, can win various prices.

  • PSP:Tekken 6 has been confirmed for the PSP, set for release with the console versions, it comes with many extras

  • iPhone: Mass effect Jacob's Story announced. it's a top down shooter, stylish with a cartoonish look.

  • Wii: Capcom Vs Marvel 2 is too big for Wii Ware. there is no retail release for the game. Game not coming to Wii.

  • PSP: Soul Calibur Broken Destiny is heading to the PSP. Set to hit this summer. Star Wars characters no included.