Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sony Have Released A New PS3 Advert Featuring PS3 Game Characters Celebrating Their Gamer "Michael"

Sony have released a new advert for The Playstation 3. this advert is a part of their Long Live Play Promotion. this advert features many characters exclusive to the PS3, as well as some others talking about the feats they've accomplished with Michael

Sony Detail Upcoming Gran Turismo 5 2.0 Update, Announce It's Out 11th ctober For Free

Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced and detailed update 2.0 for Gran Turismo 5. Coming 11th October for free, update 2.0 bring several improvements and new features to Gran Turismo 5. these include:

  • All Standard Cars now have an interior view, this means all cars in the game have a cockpit view.
  • Able to save your game during an endurance race
  • 11 2011 NASCAR cars
  • Able to incrementally adjust weather settings
  • Updates to Photo Travel Mode, See Your diver next to your car or take pictures of them
  • Reduced Load Times 
  • Increased Menu Response
  • Improved Car Physics
  • Improved AI
  • Improved/Enchanced UI
  • Suppoort for the Logitech G25/G27 Steering Wheels
  • New Online Lounge Features 
  • Able to Fast Forward and rewind replays


Sony have also announced Gran Turismo 5 has gone Platinum, which means you can pick the game up for cheap, and that further DLC is coming to the game.

Source: EU Playstation Blog and USA Playstation Blog

EA Have Released A Launch Trailer For NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

EA Have released a new trailer for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. this launch trailer shows many new features, in-game action, and provides quotes of what other gaming sites are saying about the game.

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THQ Have Released A New Game Trailer For WWE All Stars On The 3DS

THQ have released a new trailer for the 3DS version of WWE All Stars. this trailer introduces some of the new features and characters and shows the game in action.

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Zero Punctuation - Gears of War 3

This week Yahtzee takes a stab at Gears Of War 3. does the game finish the series off well, or by this point has Yahtzee had enough of the series, forgotten about the previous games and actually prefers Resistance and find out.