Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

So what have you been playing this week?

Killzone 2
- PS3 - i finally leveled up all the way. i haven't got all the medals yet, but it's great playing really long matches being able to try out all the different classes. still no played single player!

Football Manager 09 - PC - got AFC Wimbledon promoted from conference south to conference premier. still having fun, it's a great game to play in the background whilst doing other things.

Shadow Of The Colossus - PS2 - finally got a chance to play the PS2 classic, the must own game, and i'm not disappointed. the graphics are lush, the gameplay interesting, intuitive, and different. i'm enjoying playing something new and different, just a shame i couldn't play it when it came out.

not played much this week, been busy with other things, but looking forward to my 360 being returned, and resistance retribution finally being sent (thankyou!)