Sunday, November 13, 2022

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - November's Splatoon x Pokémon! Splatfest! - An Hour of Tricolor

Today is the second part of this weekend's Splatoon x Pokémon! Splatfest! The focus today is to try and play a Tricolor match. In the last Splatfest, September's, i tried for an hour and didn't get into a single Tricolor game.

So i went into today's Splatfest not knowing what was going to happen. Ultimately, in the hour i played, i got into two Tricolor matches. But, only one of them was completed. a strange issue today was disconnections. i had six in the hour i played! But i did win the single Tricolor game i played.

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - November's Splatoon x Pokémon! Splatfest - 20 Match Special!

Welcome to Online Saturday. This Saturday I'm back playing Splatoon 3. This weekend is the November’s Splatoon x Pokémon! Splatfest.

I was enjoying myself so much, i played for around 2 hours for 20 matches! This is my longest gameplay video yet!

I chose team green and throughout these 20 matches you see there are very few big wins. each game was a challenge, and every win was satisfying. From playing all 20 games, it's hard to say which of the three teams was coming out top. Other than Green, i'd suggest that maybe Blue were a top team.

It may take some time for YouTube to ready the HD version of this video, so feel free to pop back here later or you can subscribe to the QTE Gamers YouTube channel.