Monday, October 10, 2022

Cloud Monday - White Knight Chronicles 2: White Knight Chronicles 1 Remastered Part 3

This is the third and final video of my look at the White Knight Chronicles 1 Remaster that you can play in White Knight Chronicles 2. Like before, i'm streaming the game via the PlayStation Plus Premium streaming tier. The videos in this series aren't designed to show the game being played from start to finish. Instead, my aim is to show how playable the game is via the streaming service. 

In this video i spend over an hour unable to progress from one side of a map to another. As i mention in the video, if i was playing this in my own time i may've given up on the right side and tried the left side. But as i was recording this and it was already a long video, i decided to end it. At the very least, we all now know what awaits us on the left side.

As for the streaming experience, we did get a grey streak across the screen. I don't know for sure but it felt like a missing frame, and it was only there for a second at most. we did get artifacting at various points and only a couple of times did it get noticeable and possibly get in the way of gameplay. And there were instances where it felt like the streaming resolution went down a notch or two. Again, nothing really that got in the way of gamplay. Tho, the game itself kinda got in the way now and then with screen tearing, slowdown, and a boss character i couldn't get past but also wasn't sure if i should be fighting or not.