Sunday, August 30, 2009

QTE Tweets Of The Week

The Following are the most clicked QTE Gamers tweets of the week.

10 PS3: Sony has said that Firmware 3.0 will be the last major update for 2009.

9 360: production boss Aaron Greenberg says there are no plans for a slim.

8 360: Microsoft have now said that Twitter and Facebook is for gold subscribers, Silver get a trail period for both.

7 PS3: Sony will be selling and distributing the PS3 version of Dirt 2 in all PAL territories.

6 PSP: Mini's will only be tested to see if they work, not if the content is suitable.

5 PS3: A large company, not Microsoft, is rumoured to be the reason why Sony does not implement cross game voice chat.

4 PS3: Video showing a Final Fantasy VS XIII Theme running on firmware 3.0 found. looks like a video playing

3 PS3: A Japanese retailer has said that they only make 700 Yen ($7.40) on every PS3 Slim sold.

2 PSP: Sony has officially announced a world wide release of Gran Tursimo for October 1st.

1 There is new free downloadble content coming to Batman Arkham Asylum.

What Have You Played This Week?

Football Manager 09PC – Still going strong. I've been playing as San Marino, the club not the nation though they both do share the same name, location and stadium. It's interesting as I don't really try out the Italian leagues much.

SOS: the Final EscapePS2can't say i've played much more, I aim to finish it tonight though. Still no music, characters still walk awkwardly, and there are times when you don't know what your expected to do. But the story has had a few interesting twists, and already posed the question of, are you sure you need that. You see, the amount of things you can carry is limited, and the game makes sure there's more things available to be picked up that look like they could be helpful, than there is space.

Fat Princess – PS3 – still having fun, trying out many of the different hats. Finding I like the arrow man and the dark priest the most. Also noticed that there appears to be less connection issues and less lag now. Still, many games aren't being won by getting the princess and instead they're being counted down.

Pokèmon Diamond – DS – I did it, beat the elite 4. started collecting some of the rare Pokèmon which needs the Pokè Radar or a previous GBA game in the DS to get them.