Friday, April 16, 2010

This Weeks UK WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases

Nintendo have revealed this weeks UK WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console Releases. there are 7 titles released this week, 1 on Virtual Console, 2 on WiiWare, and 4 on DSiWare. I Have added screenshots for the games where i have the assets, but unfortunately i don't have screens for all the games.

Virtual Console



Rage of the Gladiator



Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight For Survival

Mr. DRILLER Drill Till You Drop

Pocket Pack: Words & Numbers

System Flaw: Recruit

From Nintendo UK

Nintendo Announce The Nintendo DS Family Set A New Record For March

Nintendo have revealed that the Nintendo DS Family sold over 700,000 Units in the USA in March 2010. Nintendo have also revealed that this has set a new record for the amount of portable consoles sold in the month of March. Nintendo Wii sales were just under 560,000, meaning 59% of all hardware sold in the USA in March was Nintendo.

Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway said in response to this "We're glad so many people are able to get their hands on our systems as we prepare for the May launches of Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 for Wii and Picross 3D™ for our Nintendo DS systems." Nintendo have also announced that Nintendo Wii stock is improving.

Out of the top 10 selling games for March in the USA, 4 of them were on Nintendo Systems, Pokémon SoulSilver Version sold 1.01M, Pokémon HeartGold Version sold 761,000, New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold 457,000, And Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board Sold 339,000.

Press Release

According to the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States, the Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held systems – including the new Nintendo DSi XL™ – set an all-time record for portable system sales in the month of March, selling more than 700,000 units nationwide. Sales of Nintendo's Wii™ console reached nearly 560,000 in March as post-holiday inventory began to improve. Nintendo systems accounted for 59 percent of all video game hardware sold in March.

"Demand for Nintendo fun continues unabated," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "We're glad so many people are able to get their hands on our systems as we prepare for the May launches of Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 for Wii and Picross 3D™ for our Nintendo DS systems."

Four of the top 10 best-selling games in March play only on Nintendo systems. These includePokémon™ SoulSilver Version at No. 1 with more than 1.01 million units sold, Pokémon HeartGold Version at No. 5 with more than 761,000 units sold, New Super Mario Bros.™ Wii at No. 7 with more than 457,000 units sold, and Wii Fit Plus™ with Wii Balance Board™ accessory at No. 10 with more than 339,000 units sold.

Sony Have Released A New Playstation Move Developer Diary For Motion Fighter

Sony have released a new developer diary for the Playstation Move. This diary focuses on Motion Fighter. the main thing revealed is Motion Fighter is now called "The Fight: Lights Out" and the game is currently at an alpha stage of development, around 20% complete. More of The Fight: Lights Out will be shown at E3.

the developer diary uses footage of someone using the Playstation Move, and in-game footage from The Fight: Lights Out of characters responding to the motion controls. The Diary is hosted by The Fight: Lights Out producer, John Mclaughlin, and he describes all Playstation Move's Advantages and how they are reflected in The Fight: Lights Out, whilst describing issues with other motion control devices and fighting games.

From USA Playstation Blog

Sony Announce Championship Manager 2010 Is Coming To Playstation Minis

Sony have announced that Championship Manager 2010 is coming to Playstation Minis soon. The game will allow you to manage teams from England, France, and Italy. They have revealed that the game has been designed to offer the same experience found with the PC version but the game will have different features to bring the game to the PSP.


Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

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Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • iPad: O2, Orange and Vodafone offering the iPad in the UK, Orange also Spain, France, And Switzerland + more

  • 360: Natal has been shown off in Tel Aviv. Lag has been reduced, video shown of what Natal Sees, Avatar intergration

  • Nintendo is being sued by InterAction Laboratories for alleged patent infringement.

  • Its rumoured 2K is planning a MMO based on BioShock.

  • QTE Blog: This Weeks UK PSP Digital Comic Store Update

  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released New Screenshots For Green Day Rock Band

  • PS3: Japan PSN is getting Battle Ace next week, the first SuperGrafix title to be released on the PSN

  • PS3: Namco Bandai will make an announcement tomorrow, expected to be them saying they're releasing Demon's Souls in EU

  • QTE Blog: UK PSN Update 15/04/10

  • QTE Blog: New Screenshots For Pokémon Black And Pokémon White Have Been Released

  • UK BluRay sales have grown 50% over last year, with 15.6M units sold so far. Hurt Locker BluRay Sales 24% of all sales

  • Super Street Fighter IV almost had Rolento as a playable character, he even had a stage, but Adon was picked over him

  • QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Announce A Facebook Meetup For DC Universe Online Fans

  • A Copyright filling hints that the next game from Grasshopper Manufactures may be called closer.

  • Sony reveal UK 3D TV Plans. New TV comes with choice of 3D PS3 games, or 3D Movies. PS3 3D update in June

  • over 72K signatures have been collected by GAME in Australia in support of a R18+ rating

  • PSP: Sony has decided not to continue Playstation Room after its Japanese Beta finished.

  • 2K Australia has been revealed as the studio behind XCOM

  • iPhone: Its reported that Cammy is coming to Street Fighter IV as free DLC

  • PC: Crytec have said that Crysis 2 will look the best on PC

  • Survey of 500K users reveals 42% of 360 owners had console repaired, 8% of PS3 owners and 1% of Wii had them fixed

  • Frank West and a Character from Monster Hunter are coming to Lost Planet 2, Monster Hunter character PS3 exclusive

  • Square Enix confirm that Lara Croft brand is for digital releases, Tomb Raider is for retail releases.

  • Xbox: its reported that Xbox Live support for Xbox games is still enabled and hasn't been shut down

  • Wii: The ESRB has rated Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack. they are Sega light gun shooters

  • Wii: The OFLC has rated PokePark Wii Pikachu’s Great Adventure and Jack The Ripper

  • QTE Blog: This Weeks USA PSP Digital Comic Store Update