Friday, June 19, 2009

Koei - Loads Of Mana Khemia 2 Screenshots and Character Art - Press Release

Koei have released a load of screenshots for Mana Khemia 2. the game is being published in America by NIS and is set for a Fall 2009 Release.
The Game features 2 main characters, each with their own story line. both story line endings can change depending on what happens in the game.


Character Art

Press Release

Key Features
Dual Battle: ManaKhemia2 adopts a unique type of turn based battle system. You will have a set of attackers and supporters that switch in and out throughout the battle with attack/support actions.
Massive Item Crafting: Over 100 items to craft. Players can search for ingredients throughout the world and create new items using what you’ve found.
2 Main Characters: There are 2 separate stories ready for ManaKhemia2. Depending on how you played the game can alter the ending, so there are 2 storylines for the 2 main characters.

PLATFORM:PlayStation® 2

NIS America is a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., a Japanese company famous for its unique line of strategy RPGs including titles such as Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and MakaiKingdom.
In 2003, NIS America was established in Southern California to publish exciting and innovative game titles for North America.
NIS America’s team members devote themselves to the fans. Our respect for our fans is at the heart of everything we do. As a growing strategy RPG publisher in the U.S., we are committed to continuous improvement and dedication.

About NIS America
Gust Co., LTD. (Gust) was established on October 1st, 1993 in Nagano, Japan as an entertainment software developer. Gust strives to create sensible new games that continually advance gaming technology to fulfill the dreams and expectations of their fans around the world.
For Immediate Release
Santa Ana, CA (May 7, 2009) –NIS America revealed today that ManaKhemia2: Fall of Alchemy will be coming to North America this coming fall.
As the bench mark of hardcore RPG titles, ManaKhemiaevolves to a new level for the PlayStation®2. With the ultimate 2D graphics blended with anime influenced 3D environments, the visuals are stunning. Game play is as excellent as its looks with plenty of action and tons of item crafting. Players can indulge in the hardcore world of gaming with the highest degree possible on the PlayStation®2 platform.

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