Monday, April 1, 2024

Cloud Monday - Death Stranding - Part 2 - Cinematics And Save Limitations Make It Hard To Recommend

This week's Cloud Monday video is part 2 of playing the PS4 version of Death Stranding via the PlayStation Plus Cloud Streaming Service to my Japanese launch model PlayStation 4.

In part 1,, i was surprised how, at first glance, Death Stranding looked like it was going to be a good fit as a game to stream from the cloud. But after playing more in Part 2, it became harder to recommend it.

The first surprise last week were the manual saves. But in this part, 2 things came up which kinda ruined it. the first was that when you can save manually, there are limitations on when you can. In this video i was up against BT's and i thought i would save before dealing with the situation. But the game wouldn't let me save. I showed that the game doesn't tell me when the last Auto Save was or where it would load me back if i were to load another save. I had to trust the game that if i died, it was fine. Then later there was another limitation in our apartment when the control scheme of the game changed. before, i could just press the "Options" button and access the save menu from System. But in our apartment, that didn't work. the first time there i didn't know what to do and continued playing, it's a big reason why this video is much longer. When we were back in there  the second time i had an idea about looking for a console and whether that was replacing it. I found one and yes, that's where you save. But the game never told us this and now i don't know if there'll be more changes and limitations further into the game.

In Part 1, it was evident that the game was going to use long cinematic cutscenes and cinematic effects during gameplay, in both parts this can be seen when music starts playing. Personally, i don't mind these and was enjoying the story being told to me. the problem that arose more in this part is how the break-up of the video being streamed to us from the cloud can detract somewhat from the cinematic effect. Whilst these didn't happen often and were very short, they are easily seen. they story being told isn't affected and i heard everything. but it's how it affects the presentation of the story that's the issue, it's a large part of this game.

It's not all negative about playing Death Stranding in the cloud. For those who have played the game before and know the story, playing it in the cloud is a great fit. For those, like me, using the first version of the PS4, streaming the game in the cloud is a great experience because the PS4 fans are very quiet. a game that pushes the hardware hard like Death Stranding can really ramp up the fans and detract from the audible experience of playing the game. But during both parts, my fans were quiet and i got into the atmosphere of the game from the sounds and soundtrack.

But not everyone has played it and not everyone listens to the music and sounds when playing. so, all together, it's more difficult to recommend Death Stranding as a game to be played in the cloud. for most, downloading it onto the PS4/Pro and PS5 would be a better solution. But i would argue that streaming it is a good way to try it out first and then you could decide to download it or not.