Friday, August 25, 2023

Mobile Friday - Campfire Cat Cafe - The First 40 Minutes

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Campfire Cat Cafe on my iPhone 14 Pro. I played the first 40 minutes, or up to where i felt the grind had begun, of this restaurant simulator. 

I have played a few of these types of restaurant simulator games now, like Animal Restaurant, Cat Snack Bar, and Cats & Soup. I would say this game is closer to Animal Restaurant than the other two as it has a story and the grind doesn't come as soon as it did in Cat Snack Bar and Cats & Soup. What all these games have in common is that the art style is great, all of them are different from each other.

As well as a story, this game also has a decent tutorial that isn't just explaining how things work but they also use it to introduce characters and their personalities. What was also fun about the first 40 with this game is how when the game started to feel a little grindy, a new character appeared and gave us something new to do, even if it's a little brief. It's difficult to say if this continues as you make progress into the game as this game is actively being supported and expanded by the developers HyperBeard. I do feel that the game could offer some information on how to get to the next story part. the game relies on stars to progress, you get stars by buying things, and you get money from customers ordering. But sometimes customers want a food you don't sell and the only way to know that is remembering the food you sell or clicking on the customer and seeing. the food icon above their head is the same color as those who want food you can make. so it seemed a little confusing.

Also confusing was when the Bakery section was opened. i was told i couldn't do anything as i didn't have an oven. so that became the goal. but i could buy things for the bakery, even tho it said i couldn't bake anything. there was a little misunderstanding between what the game was telling me and also not telling me. I feel that such empathises was placed on the oven that i was under the assumption the bakery was effectively closed until it was made. but it turns out that wasn't the case. which lead to more confusion as to what the kiosk was for. But once it was made, the story continued and the game opened up more with a new character level up section.

Even if that's cleared up in a future patch, the rest of the game is very polished and something i'd recommend. my phone didn't get that hot playing for 40 minutes and there was no additional download at the start. the game wasn't obnoxious with it's adverts either. i always had the option to view them for in-game benefits, but it was never forced upon me. If you're familiar with these sorts of games then you'll understand that it could be easier and speed things up if you do chose to watch them.