Friday, February 17, 2023

Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade - Fallen Knight - The First 50 Minutes

This eleventh video in the new Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade series is on Fallen Knight. I Played this as part of my Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade series, but it's out on other platforms such as the Nintendo Switch. 

This is a game i downloaded near the beginning of the Apple Arcade series, but only recently had i noticed that it was being updated. this brought it to my attention and it's the main reason why i chose to play it this week.

Like many games in this series, i went in knowing little to nothing about it other than the pics on the app store. i hadn't even watch the trailer for it. and for the first time i think that had a negative impact on my playing experience. i had no idea how difficult/unfair the game would be and you can hear in my commentary my enthusiasm for it get less and less. it's made clear in many places that the game is not easy and in hindsight i should've gone with casual mode instead of normal. 

I say unfair because i'm not entirely sure the game is simply difficult. there was a move in the tutorial i couldn't pull off as it wasn't clear what exactly i had to do or what i was doing wrong. in that tutorial i was shown how to parry, but in actual game play i was unable to regularly do it as the key red flash the tutorial had shown us seemed to be used all over the place. In that tutorial we only fight against one enemy and yet in the first stage there are a whole host of enemy characters. there was even an instance where i was hit whilst respawning.

It's not all negatives with this game, the music is great  though it did feel strangely loud. it also looks good with minimum impact from the dynamic Island. but the frustrations are more numerous. even the main home screen was confusing as there was nothing pointing the way. i assumed we could pick anywhere to go as it was never explicitly stated, not even with a simple pop up prompt.

This lack of information runs throughout. i have little to no idea what's happening with the story other than the knights seemed to have splintered into two groups, each saying they are correct. i have no idea if i'm playing the good guys or bad guys here. sometimes there was information but it was on screen soo briefly i had no idea what it said. but the time i spotted that it was on screen and started to read it, it was gone.

This isn't a new game and it had been patched many times and received a few content updates. but it didn't feel like it, it felt like i was playing a beta, something that wasn't quite all there like it needed more polish. it would be interesting to hear in the comments from players more used to difficult games what you thought about it. it would certainly give everyone here more information before they tried it.