Saturday, April 20, 2013

NISA Announce They Are Bringing The PSP Game Black Rock Shooter The Game To The West From Tuesday

NISA have announced they are bringing the PSP game by IMAGEEPOCH INC Black Rock Shooter The Game to the West. the game will come out on the PSN next Tuesday, 23rd April, across the USA and the next day across the EU and it should work fine on the PS Vita.

Black Rock Shooter The Game takes place in 2032 on earth. aliens have been attacking the earth for 19 years and now humanity is on the brink. Black Rock Shooter has been created to defeat them once and for all, but by the time she is awakened there are only 12 humans left. as well as a main story there are side quests and mini games.


Source: USA PlayStation Blog

Mass Creation Announce Draw Slasher Comes Out On PS Vita From 24th April For €4.99

Mass Creation have announced they are bringing Draw Slasher to PS Vita from 24th April for €4.99. This PS Vita version has twice as much content than the earlier mobile versions, it has been redesigned with new locations, opponents and bosses. You play as Hanzo, a Ninja whose family has been abducted by the pirate monkey zombies. to play, you tap on the screen to run, draw lines to slash and you can pinch the screen to summon the abilities menu. there are 3 game modes, Story, Endless Arcade and Challenges.


Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Epic And People Can Fly Reveal Second Gears Of War: Judgement Expansion Comes Out From 23rd April

Epic and People Can Fly have revealed the release date for the second Gears Of War: Judgement expansion. Season Pass holders can get the game from 23rd April, with it becoming available worldwide on 30th April for 1000 MS Points. The Call To Arms Map Pack adds 3 new multiplayer maps, a new mode called Master at Arms, 250 Gamerscore and 6 new armour and gun skins.

New Maps: 
· Terminal: The speed and ferocity of the Locust invasion took Halvo Bay completely by surprise.  Residents scrambled to evacuate by every means possible, and COG forces were called in to maintain order as martial law was enforced.  However, the Locust showed no mercy, and gave no quarter; they swept through train terminals like this one to take advantage of the close quarters and sheer number of defenceless humans trapped within its walls.  Sometimes, COG forces could hold the line long enough for a final evacuation, but too many lost their lives in defence of the people and the land they loved.

· Blood Drive: As casualties started to mount, the staff at Halvo Memorial quickly began what would become the largest triage effort in the history of Sera.  Their “Give Blood Today” campaign inspired a global blood drive in support of COG forces and wounded civilians.  Sadly, Halvo fell quickly, and the hospital became a battlefront instead of a sanctuary.  The seed of hope was planted, however, and government-run Memorial hospitals across the country mobilised to keep the effort alive until Jacinto Memorial was the last standing bastion of hope for the people of Sera.

·  Boneyard: The concept of traditional memorial services had to be suspended due to the constant stream and alarming volume of casualties as Sera fell victim to the Locust Horde.  Memorial grounds quickly became boneyards.  Unmarked holes became grave sites and mausoleums were filled with the nameless remains of the fallen, their skeletons piled into heaps.  Tread lightly, you never know what, or who, you’re walking on, and one day you’re bound to join them.


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TellTale Have Released A New Trailer And Screenshots For Poker Night 2 And Revealed Platform Unlocks

Telltale have released new screenshots, a trailer and detailed exclusive unlocks for  Poker Night 2. the screenshots show the game in action whilst the trailer uses in-game action to highlight it's features and gameplay. the trailer also reveals exclusive unlocks.

Across PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, gamers can unlock items for their characters in Borderlands 2 to customise them. on PC, you can unlock exclusive Team Fortress 2 customisation items. on Xbox 360 you can unlock exclusive items for your Avatar and on PS3 you can unlock exclusive custom themes.


Deep Silver Have Released A New Trailer For Ride to Hell: Retribution, Reveal Pre-Order Bonus

Deep Silver and Eutechnyx have released a new trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution. this game is coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this June and this trailer shows how much of a badass Jake Conway is. the games story revolves around Jake Conway and his path of revenge against a bike gang called The Devil's Hand.

Deep Silver and Eutechnyx have also revealed the pre-order bonus. those who pre-order at participating retailers will get the Cooks Mad Recipe DLC for free. this add-on will include 3 levels and a exclusive Sniper Rife. the DLC will be released digitally.

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Capcom Have Revealed The Changes The Dark Arisen DLC Brings To The Main Dragon's Dogma Game

Capcom have revealed the Dark Arisen DLC will bring changes to the main Dragon's Dogma game. these changes include:


-Various attacks and skills for all weapons have been rebalanced for all weapons.

-Made the Ur-Dragon corpse's collision boundary smaller so players can now pick up drop items more easily.

-Undead enemies will now come out of the ground with higher defense stats (super armor mode).
-When Saurians die after being knocked down, they will now use a special death animation for when they are on the ground.

-Goblin Shamans will appear in the Witchwood.
-Eliminators will appear on the Tainted Mountain.

-Pyre Saurians will appear on the Tainted Mountain.
-Golden Knights and Silver Knights will appear in the Everfall (before the destruction of Gran Soren).

-Gorecyclopes (condemned type) will appear in the Shadow Fort.
-Living Armor will appear in the Catacombs.

-Wyverns (strong type) will appear at Bluemoon Tower.

-Wyrms (strong type) will appear at the Watergod's Altar.

-Drakes (strong type) will appear in the Everfall after the destruction of Gran Soren.

-Adjusted how often pawns will talk by spacing out less important lines; in effect, making them seem to talk less.

-Adjusted and balanced the equipment and skills of all of the high-level pawns that are available to a player when they're playing offline.

-Adjusted how much it costs to hire a pawn that is higher-leveled than yourself down to a more realistic scale.

-Added a Monthly ranking to the pawn's Top Ranked section.

-You will not gain Affinity with Assalam simply by talking to him anymore.

Items & Equipment
-Adjusted how much Ferrystones cost and how much they sell for. (Purchase price: 20000 >5000 | Sell price: 3500>1250)

-Adjusted how much Premium Rings and Premium Earrings cost. (Purchase price: 1,500,000>150,000 Rift Crystals | Purchase price 3,000,000>300,000 Rift Crystals)

-Tweaked stat increases for weapon upgrades (increases weaker upgrades, decreases ones that were too strong). Tweaks affect 68 different weapons.

-Dramatically increased base stats for 12 weapons obtainable by defeating the Dragon. 

-Improved base stats for 10 Magick Bows

-A Portcrystal that allows players to return to Cassardis has been added just outside Cassardis's gate

-A character/warp point that allows players to travel between Bitterblack Isle and Cassardis has been added to Cassardis's pier.

-Added a removable Portcrystal to the following areas: The Gran Soren Everfall (before a certain plot point. . . .), The Shadow Fort, The Witchwood, Hillfigure Knoll.

Source: Capcom Unity

Atlus Have Released A Launch Trailer For The Recently Released Game God Mode

Atlus have released a launch trailer for God Mode. out now on PC and Xbox 360, with a PS3 launch set for 23rd April, God Mode is a third person arcade shooter. it pits you against waves of demonic hordes.

God Mode features:
  • Devilish Value: Developed by Old School Games, God Mode is all about the pick-up-and-play fun of classic shooters modernized with 3D graphics and online multiplayer co-op in a value-priced package ($9.99, prices may vary in international territories).  
  • Demonic Variety: Four player co-op, customizable outfits, upgradeable weapons, five different stages, eight different difficulty modifiers, special powers, and more than 40 different Tests of Faith randomly challenge players with plenty of unique scenarios. 
  • Hellish Combat:  Spear-throwing skeletons, axe-wielding centurions, charging minotaurs that split into two smaller flaming-axe throwing demons, magic-hurling apparitions, giant club-swinging abominations, and more await players in the depths of the Pit. Not just one. Several. Multiple. Many. See the definition of "horde" to get a feel of the forces players must defeat to escape the clutches of hell. 
  • Infernal Cooperation:  As the saying goes, "four players are better than one." Lobby-based online and LAN multiplayer make it easy to join up and fight to the finish - and be the first to truly achieve God mode.

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