Sunday, August 16, 2009

QTE Tweets Of The Week

The Following are the most clicked QTE Gamers tweets of the week.

10 PSPgo: IGN has a video walkthrough with the PSPgo.

9 Wii: Nintendo has patented a inflatable horse riding attachment for the Wii Mote. you simulate riding on it.

8 PS3: has been updated. trophy features have been greatly expanded

7 PS3: Batcave space will unlock when you play Batman Arkham Asylum. it'll have gadgets, Batmobile, Batsuit, and Batwing.

6 PS3: The Marvel Vs Capcom Retail release has been priced at $14.99. it is a very limited release.

5 UK prices for DJ Hero range from £90 at Play, £100 at HMV, and Gamestation for £110.

4 USA FIFA 10 Cover Athletes are Cuauhtémoc Blanco of Chicago Fire and Sacha Kljestan of Chivas USA and Frank Lampard

3 PS3: Life With Playstation received a channel update called The World Heritage Channel. it has pictures of UNESCO Sites.

2 QTE Blog: Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition And Pre-Order Announcement By EA

1 PS3: A Limited MAG beta has begun. emails are going out to a select few now.

What Have You Played This Week?

Football Manager 09PC – Still going strong. I've been playing as San Marino, the club not the nation though they both do share the same name, location and stadium. It's interesting as I don't really try out the Italian leagues much.

CrackdownXbox 360Finally finished it. Defeated the gangs and regained control of the islands. And then there was the huge surprise at the end. I'll be honest and say I didn't see it coming, and it certainly got me interested into how they're going to take the series. I had only 15 green orbs to get and 130, ish, blue ones. They were fun to find and a good addition to the game, a welcomed distraction from killing the bad guys. Looking at the game now, it's generally above average, but controls do let it down and can become frustrating, the same with the camera, but for its age it tends to hold up well.

Fat Princess – PS3 – I was in the Beta and played a unhealthy amount of this game. Now I had the money to buy it, i'm hooked again. I've had connection issues, and the odd crash to the XMB, but these are fairly infrequent. Most games I've played were fall 32 player teams and have been fun. I like the new maps, and the lava map adds some interesting challenges.

Shatter – PS3 – this game is worth more than they're asking for it. The soundtrack is epic, the gameplay is simple and challenging. If I had to say anything bad, I'd say the load times are perhaps a tad too long.