Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Got A New PC, I'm Back Online. Site Changes In-Coming [Update: Site Change update failed]

Hi everyone. yep i'm back online with a new computer.

before i start up with posts on the site, there is a change i want to implement to the site but i'm unable to do so with the current site. the HTML code the site is built on is pretty old, coming up to 8 years i think, and i'm unable to make changes to it that i want to. i'm not a big programmer and i have not been able to come up with a workaround, unlike a couple of things i've done to the site. plus the style/design of the site hasn't changed much over the years and a refresh wouldn't hurt.

this means that i'll be fiddling with the site over the next couple of days, changing the template to something newer. then i'll try to implement the new feature i want, and maybe another i've been thinking about. there maybe some minor changes to layout and colour. the site was designed to be used on as many platforms as possible, yes it was even tested on PSP back in the day, so again i'll try to make sure it can be accessible as much as possible.

Update. i've tried to do a couple a couple of changes to the blog but they've not worked. still will try to tinker tho.