Sunday, July 30, 2023

Switch Funday - Pokémon Unite - Trying The 2nd Anniversary Stuff

For Switch Funday, i played Pokémon Unite. i've played a little bit over the last couple of years. often logging in to get some item or to check out an event. so whilst i do some complaining in this video, these aren't surprises to me as i've been complaining about them, not on video for this site but personally, since the game came out.

The second anniversary began on the 21st July and the main thing i wanted to check out was the new game mode. in this new Panic Parade! mode, your team of 5 Pokemon have to face wave after wave of "enemy" Pokémon whilst also protecting a Tinkaton. i wasn't able to beat this mode, getting stuck at Wave 10 a couple of times, as it's genuinely quite difficult. But it's also refreshing different from the game's main 5-on-5 Unite Battle Mode whilst also sticking to familiar rules.

As for my complaints with the game, i'll say that Unite and Panic Parade are fun and i don't have issues with them. i would like me favourite Pokémon, Jumpluff, in the game but i imagine many others would also like theirs. Even after 2 years, it's a little surprising and annoying that the game's main home screen is awash of buttons and icons and in my case lot's of little red dots. and these menus are often just a little slow to load to be annoying, too. i would like to load into the game and be given the choice to deal with all the red dots or just play. i wonder if i can link my Switch account with the game version on phones just so that it maybe easier to deal with all that stuff on phones.

But it was nice coming back. i didn't realise that Panic Parade is a limited time thing that ends in, at the time or writing, a day or so. but i may continue to play Pokémon Unite more than before as i had fun. and who knows, maybe i'll eventually begin to understand the whole Energy Rewards thing!