Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

So this week i was mainly kept busy with Killzone 2 and Dynasty Warriors:Gundam. both games i can waste away hours in. i also got some games in the PSN sale, but only managed to play Piyotama so far. i really like it and hope the sale gives it the attention it deserves.

Killzone 2 - PS3 - Now the single player is out of the way, i've been focusing on getting the multiplayer badges. i'm doiing the disguise one at the moment as no matter how hard i try i can't get the air support medal.

Peggle - 360 - Finally completed the game, well "story mode" anyway. some of those last levels are terrible.

Dynasty Warriors:Gundam - 360- we all know what to expect, giant robots killing loads of enemies. but it works and i'm loving it. simple, fast, fun, effective. can't wait to try the sequal.

Piyotama - PS3 - i bought this in the sale and i can't believe i didn't play it earlier. the game is addictive in it's simplicity. the single player mode is hard, but i enjoy the continious style mode, no pressure and you can go on for ages. definatly a hidden gem on the PSN

Feel free to comment on anything i've played and what you yourself has played over the last week.